Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well I got this one when I was pretty young, another piece of vinyl that I scored at The Record Ranch in Danville,Ky. Formed in 1981 and split after their only piece of vinyl in 1984. I was sucked in by this great cover photo and the great name. The look of the band really made me want to check it out, when I was 13. So when I got home I spun it on my crappy old record player and out came glorious metal sounds of WITCHKILLER, I was totally rocked. From the first song "Day of the Saxons", I was hooked for life. The opening lyrics to this one still get me excited and ready to head bang. I cant believe these dudes didn't go farther because this is really a great piece of music. Fans of NWOBHM and classic metal drool over this one for sure. Next is "Riders of doom" A heavy track with some great guitar and Douglas Lang Adams vocals are just fucking awesome. "Cry wolf" comes next with a lurching gallop, the perfect soundtrack for metal warfare. Next is "beg for mercy", certainly not my favorite track here, but better than alot I have heard,ha ha. Last but not least is"Penance for past sins" another slower heavy epic, with a hell of a punch and again some great lyrics. Good shit, get it! of the Saxons
2.riders of doom
3.cry wolf
4.beg for mercy
5.penance for past sins


  1. This is quite fucking good. I'll have to track down a copy someday. The vocals sound like the dude from Twisted Tower Dire. Or the other way around, I guess.

  2. They didnt call it quits after this EP. They changed vocalists, and released the LIZZY BORDEN demo in late 1984. They then changed names from Witchkiller to Victims, and released a self titled ep in 1985, which had a much more commercial sound. You can find them both on filestube.



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