Friday, July 31, 2009


Goddamn what a fucking record! Formed in 1977 and active again (in a much shittier form). This satanic power/speed metal master piece is really just a side project vocalist Harry"The Tyrant" Conklin(1977-1987) from JAG PANZER, here he uses the name Leviathan Thisiren for some reason. Anyway this rips big time, the vocals kill and the music is pure metal madness, the atmosphere here is perfect. They rage threw 8 classics, but my favorites are "Black Steele", "Standing at Death's door" and the brutal "King of Terror", the vocals and lyrics on this one are some of the best I have heard, the background vocals add so much. The Guitars sound pretty ruff, but the solo;s are pretty good and I love the wacko chaotic drumming. This is their only real album, but they recorded for a second, which you can find a bootleg of. You cant miss with this one.

1.Prelude: Flaming Host
2.Black Steele
3.Into the Veil
4.Metal from Hell
5.King of Terror
6.Strongest of the Night
7.Standing at Death's Door
8.Hell Fire
9.Souls in Exile


Man what a great Speed metal demo, these dudes are full energy on this low budget attempt. The sound quality is just like I like it ,shitty! Formed in 1982 and still active, ADX released several albums but this demo is best I think, however the album they made right after this demo called "Execution" is killer also. The lyrics here are in french, which I think sounds cool, but it doesn't really matter because this is just so upbeat. This music sounds like it was alot of fun to play and reminds me of "The Upcoming Mayhem" demo by a band called DEVASTATION. Every song here jams and they play great. This is just one of those tapes that really delivers some great rocking thrash with a heavy NWOBHM influence, certainly some DIAMOND HEAD / IRON MAIDEN admiration going on sometimes. My favorites here are "Deesse du crime", "Caligula" and "Le fleau de dieu". Get this, you wont regret it.

2.deesse du crime
6.le fleau de dieu


A novelty classic by Mr. Sheldon Allman, an actor who just happen to record this and some TV theme songs like"Let's make a deal" and the amazing "George of the jungle". I wanted this one for awhile and it was almost worth it, all these tracks are done in a Bela Lugosi type voice, also some in a Peter Lorre voice. This reminds me of the Bob McFadden stuff, what with all the voice work. This of course is reminiscent of the Gene Moss album I posted recently. It's not the best monster music album I have heard, but it's still worth a good listen. His version of "Amongst My Souvenirs" and the bizarre "Childern's day at the morgue",which is sung in a more normal voice , have to be the highlights. Enjoy monster fiends.

1. These Ghoulish Things Behind Me Are You
2. A Coffin For Sale
3. Don't Maim Me
4. D.O.A. (The Day My Heart Stood Still)
5. Amongst My Souvenirs
6. They Can't Take That
7. Children's Day At The Morgue
8. That Old Old Old Feeling
9. Oh You Voo Doo Doo Doll
10. I Don't Stand A Chance With A Ghost
11. This Can't Be Blood
12. Fangs For The Memory

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BOBBY SOXX single 1981(US)

What a fucking classic piece of punk vinyl, these KILLED BY DEATH style monsters really kick it down hard on this and what about those fucking vocals! Cant say I know very much about this one though. First track is "Hate in the 80's" and its a fist pumping scorcher. Mid paced angry punk with some mean off kilter vocals by Bobby Soxx. He was later in The TEENAGE QUEERS and STICK MEN WITH RAYGUNS btw. Next is my personal favorite "Scavenger of death", this one is a bit slower and kind of heavy even. Again the vocals really make this. The over all sound quality is great and I love the way the drums and guitars sound, very punk but with balls.This deserves alot more attention and any fan of classic punk should dig this, so if you haven't heard it get it now, fucking amazing.

1.hate in the 80"s
2.scavenger of death

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is a pretty obscure one for sure, info on these guys is limited to the sleeve of the single. With names like Carr, Crowbar Eddie, Evans, and Ward its hard to figure out exactly who these guys were. What we do now for sure is that this single jam's. My friend Professor Black was kind enough to turn me on to this several months and recently my band even covered it. The first track "The Mugger" is standard AC/DC rock rip off type territory but SHOCK TREATMENT really make it there own. This is good and violent in the lyrics department and the solo's are blazing. The nasty vocals here are what really make it for me, this guys throat in full of gravel and whisky, just plain killer. Next is "Nuclear warfare", a death marching anti-nuclear warfare apocalyptic classic. I'm sure these dudes were digging some Mad Max. This is great shit, get it, turn it up and start killing your neighbors.
1.the mugger
2.nuclear warfare


Formed in 1985 just to release this album. This is apparently VIRGIN STEELE minus Jack Starr, however this sounds nothing like VIRGIN STEELE. This is heavy satanic thrash, that at times is a little cheesy but still very good. This is a fun record and its no wonder, David Defeis also wrote some tracks for PILEDRIVER, one of my child hood favorites. Also this band features Edward Pursino from PILEDRIVER on guitar. The first time I heard this one I loved it and I loved the vocals."Black mass" is the best track here, but there all pretty cool and well played.
This close to death metal at times but remains classic thrash, just very heavy thrash.

1.Black Mass
2.The Invocation
3.Burnt Offerings
4.The Hex
6.Call for the Exorcist
7.Death by Bewitchment
8.The Trial
9.Execution of the Witches
10.Consuming Flames of Redemption
11.Megawatt Mayhem
12.Riding to Hell


Here we have one of at least 12 bands named MAYHEM, this one is from the U.S., but not the MAYHEM from new york, these dudes are from Portland ,Oregon. Formed in 1983 and splitting after this album. This is some great thrash metal, with an almost punk rock 'n' roll vibe. The first track "Burned alive" so fucking killer and fast as hell. Also some really catchy vocals on this one. I have really burned this track out. You might remember a different version of it on the SPEED METAL HELL vol.2 compilation. Other killer tracks here are "Vicious circle", Defy your master" and "Over the top", Don't miss the retarded speed mix on "White mice on speed", I'm sure this gets really funny after a couple thousand bong hits. I just have to mention that this is one of the best covers I have seen, its totally ridiculous and totally awesome. Not every song kills but the standout tracks make it worth it.
1. Burned Alive
2. Vicious Circle
3. Couch Potato
4. Face It
5. Fuk-u
6. 6 is 9
7. White Mice on Speed
8. Domination
9. Defy Your Master
10. Aerobic Genocide
11. Over the Top
12. Ace of Spades (Motörhead cover)
13. Another Loving Tribute Fade

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This album is based on Nat Freedland's book of the same name, Freedland a former columnist for L.A. free press interviews such occult masterminds as Anton Szandor LaVey (Satanism), Alan Watts (Meditation), Thelma Moss (ESP) and others. Astrology, Yoga, Mysticism, UFOs, Witchcraft, Satanism, Reincarnation, ESP, Psychic Phenomena, Spiritualism, Indian Magic, and Meditation are all covered here. Also this includes two tracks from cult luminaries BLACK WIDOW. If that's not enough this double gate fold has one of the coolest non-metal covers ever and comes with a 12 page booklet (w. illus. by Wilfried Satty). I don't have this book, but one day I'm sure I'll run across it. If you see this album, do yourself a favor and buy it, until then enjoy!


Damn this is a hard one to find info on, but its some damn good NWOBHM shit. The opening track to this demo is "Mad dog" and its a great fucking rocker, that will have you pumping your fist. This is kind of in the TYGERS OF PAN TANG or DEMON vein of things, so you know what to expect. Next track "East or west" is another rock kicker, then the straight forward slammer "Once bitten, twice shy", no not the GREAT WHITE track, you dick! This is all there and a hell of alot better the GW track. This demo delivers for sure even though it would seem these guys feel threw the cracks and never did anything else. You really cant go wrong here, so get to downloading YOU!
1.mad dog
2.east or west
3.once bitten twice shy


Here we have the mighty WARLORD. This one is quite odd, a soundtrack to a VHS release and their only full length before getting back together in 2002. I haven't seen this video and it's fucking killing me! Anyway just a year earlier they released "Deliver us" and before that a couple of demos, then this masterpiece crypt out. Some of the same songs appear on "Deliver us", which is great but I think I like these versions better. I picked this one up about 3 years ago at Half priced books store in Louisville, for a paltry 4 bucks, money well fucking spent. I had of course heard of this band before but hadn't tracked down any of their stuff until I found this one. I was very surprised at how good this was, I guess I was expecting some kind of MANOWAR(who I love) copy, but this has tons to offer on it's own. The songs are very well written, catchy and at times sort of technical. From beginning to end this is classic metal in the best ways. These dude's sound totally original and should have really gotten somewhere, because they are far ahead of alot of the bands at the time and the playing here is just superb. The first track "Lucifer's hammer" gets things going and displays this bands abilities very well. Next is the great "Lost and lonely days" which was the single they released from this album backed with "Aliens" , then to the marching terror of "Black mass", which cements this bands true metal intentions. Next they throw in a little prog synth show off piece called "Soliloquy". still metal though. Then move on to this albums best track and one of my all time favorite metal tracks "Aliens", geez this one kicks ass. When I played this album for the first time I thought oh great a songs about aliens, that doesn't sound that metal...WRONG! then we get to "MCMLXXXIV/Child of the Damned" that lets the band speed up a little into power metal territory and they do it well, again the guitars and solo's are top notch shit. Last is the title track from the e.p. "Deliver us", another slightly progressive song, that still remains totally metal and its a damn catchy one at that. Don't miss out on this one, its a true metal classic.

1.Beginning/Lucifer's Hammer
2.Lost And Lonely Days
3.Black Mass
6.MCMLXXXIV/Child Of The Damned
7.Deliver Us From Evil


Many people make alot out of the METAL MASSACRE compilations(which I might put up soon) and they are very good, but often they completely pass over these amazing comps. Plenty of these great bands went on to find fame (WHIPLASH,SAVAGE GRACE, ARTILLERY, PRONG, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM) and some didn't (BATTLE BRAT, SHINNING, MIDNIGHT VICE, STILETTO),much like the METAL MASSACRE comps. Featured here are some real luminaries of the thrash metal underground of the time. From amateur to awesome, this ones got it all. Any thrash fan can take a look at this list and see why they would want these albums. However some of these are album tracks and you should get the bands real album anyway, but isn't that the point of a comp? I remember seeing them when I was younger and not getting them for some reason, maybe I was too into punk at the time, but when I finally did, I was blown! There is some seriously fast shit on here and pretty much every track is good and original(unlike modern thrash). This ones not for posers dude! My fav's here are MAYHEM's "burned alive". BATTLE BRAT's "Henchmen", DEATHRASH's "Buried alive" THE KILL's "Kill or be killed" and WHIPLASH's "Thrash till death"(one of my all time favorite bands). Get out that denim jacket, crank it up and bang until DEATH!!!
1. Savage Grace - Master of Disguise
2. Medieval - World War Four
3. Attila - Lucifer's Hammer
4. Shinning - Black Winged Snake
5. Battle Brat - Henchman
6. Artillery - Hey Woman
7. Savage Grace - Fear My Way
8. Midnight Vice - Vice Squad
9. Stiletto - Through the Night
10. At War - Eat Lead
11. Executioner - Victims of Evil
12. Whiplash - Thrash till Death
1. At War - Rapechase
2. Mayhem - Loving Tribute/Burned Alive
3. Samhain - Plague of Messiah
4. Anvil Bitch - Neckbreaker
5. Savage Thrust - Crown of Thorns
6. Deaththrash - Buried Alive
7. Aggression - Metal Slaughter
8. Tempter - Don't Get Mad... Get Evil
9. Flotsam and Jetsam - Hammerhead
10. Wargod - Day of Atonement
11. Outrage - Cracks Under the Ice
12. Post Mortem - Ready to Die
1. Papsmear - Die Killing
2. Wehrmacht - Night of Pain
3. Necropolis - Silent Scream
4. Dream Death - Method to Madness
5. Regurgitation - Pesticide
6. Necrophagia - Power thru Darkness
7.Regurgitation - Laryngitis
8. Blood Feast - The Suicidal Mission
9. Prong - Disbelief
10. Metal Onslaught - Primal Scream
11. The Kill - Kill or Be Killed

Friday, July 24, 2009


My good friend Mike at posted the killer Last house on the left soundtrack yesterday, so today I thought I would post this Italian masterstroke. So here's Riz Ortolani's soundtrack to cannibal holocaust. This soundtrack has got to be one of the more depressing recordings I have heard(just like the movie). There's just something here that brings you down, it's hard to explain really. I think I would feel the same way even if I hadn't seen this movie. Despite what you may think about it and I know there are a lot of different opinions, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST stands the test of time. Its still shocking to this day and has lived up to it's legend unlike several other Italian gut munchers. Riz Ortaolani scored several exploit classics such as MONDO CANE, CASTLE OF BLOOD GOODBYE UNCLE TOM and SO SWEET...SO PERVERSE, all of which are great soundtracks. Forget any feeling you have toward this flick and enjoy this great soundtrack.


Here's some killer punk for you. Fronted by Screaming Mad George, special F/X artist on such films as,Bride of the Re animator, Society, Nightmare on Elm street part 4 and Children of the corn part 3. THE MAD are truly mad and were said to put on a hell of a gory show. This is some strange punk shit for sure. This outfit played shows with THE MISFITS and BAD BRAINS and various other groups of the time and still have somewaht of a cult following. The vocals go from run of the mill punk to the tortured almost ACUSSED style wails, the guitars are total punk ,as well as the bass and drums, but this shit is very well played and Its obvious this wasn't your average punk band. The music is very unique and all over the place, but not in a shitty jazzy way or some shit. This is punk, start to finish. It reminds me at times of the PAGANS and some GERMS stuff. This includes their classic cut "I hate music", which should have all you up out of your seats! Not a bad cut on here, this is the reissue on CD and includes a live set from C.B.G.B's, give it a spin.

1.I Hate Music
3.The Mad (Theme)
4.The Hand
6.I Wanna Be A Devil
7.Fried Egg
8.The Hell
+ Live At C.B.G.B.'s New York

AXATAK - AXATAK EP 1985 (Australia)

Formed in 1983 and split after 1985, these Aussie metalers were obvious KISS fans ,but this doesn't really sound like KISS , it does sound American though and this is certainly in the classic metal vein. Apparently the singer(Andy Zouman R.I.P. 1993) for this band later became a hardcore christian and denounced his activities in AXATAK, going as far as making a low budget pseudo documentary about satanism in metal music called ""The Mermaids, The Mysteries of Music (Satanism in Rock Music)" . What the fuck is with that title? The movie draws the conclusion that rock music was the work of Satan, to which I agree thankfully! However I'm not sure how much our infernal master had to do with this, because this piece of wax is not very evil, in fact some might might say it is even positive at times. The first track is "Shock rock" a decent opener and it lays down the formula they will use on most of the songs, except "You", which Id advise you skip all together and "Night fighter" which is a faster number and my fave on here, this one is more metal than the rest and has some great solo's. Over all this could be alot better, but still I like it. Give it a listen for hell's sake.

1.Shock Rock
3.Let the Beast Run Wild
4.Live Out Your Dreams
5.Night Fighter

Thursday, July 23, 2009


A couple great English thrashers for you here. These dudes really are NWOBHM on steriods. Formed in Manchester in1984 and split after 1987, these speed freaks rip it up on both of these classic albums. I couldn't believe this shit at first, Its almost power metal in some ways, but at the same time totally thrash,very very good stuff. I can even hear punk and rock sounds going on sometimes and it reminds me of bands like ONSLAUGHT, BROCAS HELM and SATAN'S HOST due to the high energy here and they play well for such an obscure band. "Death heavy" has got to be my favorite and the atmospheric and energetic assault of these albums cant be described without hearing them. So check this out, you'll thank me.

5.Red, Raw and Bleeding
7.Taras Bulba
9.The Third Wish
10.Death Heavy

4.The Legend (Aghati)
5.Charnal House (House Of Death)
8.Bird Or Beast


Here's another monster music classic, I had seen alot of pictures of this cover before finally tracking it down and giving it a good listen. Gene moss, the voice of Smokey bear ,co-writer of the classic cartoon "RogerRamjet" and host of the 1960's children's show "Shrimpenstein", plays the voice of Dracula. Gene is quite effectively here but the songs don't always hold up for him. There's no way it could hold up to my expectations,ha ha. But there are some funny moments here and I do love "Shrimpenstein". This doesn't touch John Zacherle or Bobby "Boris" Pickett, its more on par with someone like Bob McFadden, but this is still a great entry into monster music hall of fame. Check it out or it will haunt you to your grave!

1.I Want To Bite You Hand
2.Drac The Knife
3.King Kong Stomp
4.Monster Hootenanny
5.Ghoul Days, Frankenstein
6.The New Frankenstein and Johnny Song
7.Monster Goose Rhymes, Surf Monster
8.Monster Bossa Nova
9.Carry Me Back To Transylvania
10.Little Black Bag

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Wow, what the fuck. This is pretty damn awesome stuff. Here's an album by a late 60's real life Los Angeles witch , the beautiful Louise Huebner. This mainly a spoken word album but there is alot of weird drippy and trippy music(Louis and Bebe Barron) here too,very strange indeed. Louise's scratchy voice is perfect for this and even kind of sexy. When made the official Witch Los Angeles , a government bestowed title, she released this album. Listen as she weaves spells and incantations for your aural delight. This is a very unique album and Not for everyone, so I recommend it to the adventurous among you.

1. Introduction - Gods
2. Self-Fascination Ritual for Increased Power
3. Isis Full Moon Ring for Magical Protection
4. Demon Spell for Energy
5. Orgies - A Tool of Witchcraft
6. Sun Sign Amulets for Spiritual Protection
7. Coleopterous Charm for Romantic Adventure
8. Turkish Bean Spell for Tender Love
9. Seduction Spells from Around the World
10. Emotional Bondage Spell
11. Earthquake Spell for Unwanted Lovers
12. Witches and Wizards


Formed in Santa Rosa, California way back in 1981, These dudes were kicking around for awhile before putting anything out and honestly I cant understand how they could have been anymore primal and destructive, a good 4 years before the demos I'm posting here. This is garage thrash at its most backwards and cult origins. My good friend Marcus from Germany gave me these tapes a year or so ago along with a couple of BACKWATER L.P.'s (maybe I'll post them later)and I was beyond psyched to get my hands on these original cassettes. Thank you Marcus! First up is the "Skitzo demo no#2".let me say that all of this sounds like it was recorded on a boom box at a friends house and they cant really even play the songs or this is some kind of avant-retard art project, either way this is a complete noise barrage of Rocking thrash. Now thats not to say I don't like it, because I do, in fact love it.
This one of my favorite thrash demos that I have found. First song on this one is "Thrashifice", a great song that totally lives up to its title. Then to the teenage metal brutality of "Love butcher", another banging confuser. I love all the guitar buzz and solos on this one and the lines "All hells break...Armageddon!", just awesome. Next is "Insane empire", this one actually sounds a little better than the other, but still they can barely hold this nightmare together. I mean this drummer really needs some practice. This one has some more awesome moaning solo's and ridiculous metal lyrics. What a demo.
Next we got the "Wrathrage demo". The sound on this one is a little better, but not much. The band has however tightened up a bit and are presenting flare. The vocals are better and the lyrics aren't so obviously bad. First track is "Race with the devil" shows the band thrashing out once again this time a little heavier though. Next on "Oger" they slow it down a bit and the song has a few more parts. On to "House of dementia" maybe the best track on this one, I love the breakdown in this one and the drummer even attempts double bass in the intro,Wow! Last on this one "Insane empire(live)", A horrid live recording of what almost sounds like music. This is obviously not really live, since the crowd goes nuts constantly through this one, pretty funny shit. This came with a little catalog of shit you could order straight from the band, I would kill some one for one of those shirts.
Last but not least is the classic "Mosh til mush" demo. I think this one has a really awesome cover and the whole cassette package is cool. This shows the guys really getting it together. The composition's are alot more complex and the playing is 100% better. However some of the charm is lost in the process. This is a killer demo though, the vocals have become much more serious sounding and the guitar and drums are actually playing together and their getting more horror obsessed by this point also, The first track "Leatherface" is probably the heaviest track and pretty memorable. Next is "When there's no more room in hell" which I like best, the part in the lyrics where he says "To the Zombies!!!, just ,kills me, this is great track with lots of weird guitars going on and weird background noise. Next we got "Satan's slave" another thrasher, very entertaining and then the doomy epic "Wasteland", I really liked this one too, very heavy and the vocals kill! Now go forth and MOSH TILL MUSH!
2.Love butcher
3.Insane empire
1.Race with Death
3.House of Deminita
4.Insane Empire (live SF)
2.when theres no more room in hell the dead shall walk the earth.
3.satans grave

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well here we have a killer bootleg of the pre-ELF band THE ELVES, featuring maybe the greatest metal vocalist alive Mr.Ronnie James Dio. This is some classic stuff, its alot like the first ELF album,but heavier. To say I am a DIO fan is an understatement, there is very little material he has recorded that I didn't like, I even dug the 50's doowop type shit(has anyone else out there heard this?). So of course I liked this bootleg, but that's not the point. This stands on its own, outside of DIO fandom. The first song here is "The Scramblers" and its fucking amazing, I was totally knocked out when I first heard it. I jammed it every day for at least 2 weeks and even took the time to email it to my closer friends. To say the least it had a lasting effect. Next is "Driftin" a slow burner that's actually a pretty heavy tune. Next is their stab at JETHRO TULL's "Aqualung", which is very good. I had heard ELf do this on the "War pigs 74" bootleg, which was maybe a little better and sounds alot cleaner, but still it's a damn good version here. Next is "36 year old lady" a bluesy rocker with someone else on vocals, I'm not sure who, so maybe this is DIO too, but I just cant see it. Then we got "Mountain Venus", now this one sounds alot more like ELF, with the more boogie feel, still totally infectious and catchy none the less. Now to "Simple sister" this is the second heaviest track on here, another guitar driven rocker, kind of like "Nevermore" from the first ELF record. Last is the freak rock epic "The Rape of Andre Lucia", This one is far out there man! I don't dig it as much as the others, even though it's almost scary at times,ha ha. Not all the songs are amazing, but a few of them are and the rest are very good and worth the listen for sure. Since this is a bootleg, the sound is not the best. But its great compared to most of the bootleg stuff that I own. Any fan of heavy rock music should appreciate this. Really great stuff.

Live at the beacon 1971

1.the scramblers
4.36 year old lady
5.mountain venus
6.simple sister
7.the rape of andre lucia

SOGGY 78-82 (fra)

This one reminds me of alot of things, SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE ,MC5 and the STOOGES, but all in small amounts. There is alot going on here to say the least. This does sound like it could be from the early seventies in a way and if you had told me that when I first heard it, I would have probably believed it. The whole band really kicks up a storm here and all the songs are strong, but the best thing about this is probably Patrick "Beb" Bertrand wacko vocals, like if Rob Tyner and Iggy Pop fucked and had a baby that smoked alot of crack and was mildly retarded. Sounds great right? Well it is. Sadly, I really couldn't find much out about these French weirdos. But there's a great clip on YouTube of them that you must see if you dig this record, but other info seems to be scarce . This is a must hear for those who love it raw and I think anyone who likes early metal, punk or heavy rock will dig this one, if anyone has more info please, let me know.

SOGGY 78-82
1. 47 Chromosomes
2. Lay Down a Lot
3. I Feel Top of the World
4. Cellulitis is the Top of the Shepeless Body
5. Down the Shops
6. I Wanna Be Your Dog Face
7. Waiting for the War
8. Cursed Boy
9. Slider
10. Let's Go Together
11. Lost my Brain


Formed in 1979 and split sometime after 1981, this U.S. obscurity features a pre-CARNIVORE Peter Steele and other members of CARNIVORE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, AGGRESSION and ORIGINAL SIN. Don't let that confuse you though, this is straight up classic metal. At first I really thought the keyboards were just too much, but now after repeat listens I think they fucking rule, their cheesy as hell but they rule. This is pretty straight forward shit and Mr.Steele's vocals are awesome, however this lacks some of the sheer hatred of CARNIVORE, but the sleazy element is still intact. First up is the song "Rock hard",its a total classic and like I said before the keyboard is so cheap and cheesy that its almost shocking, this one also has a weird SABBATH type ballad break down in it for some reason, pretty damn great I must say. Next is the b-side "Batteries not included", though not as immediately awesome as the a-side, it's still a good track that actually hints at some of the TYPE O NEGATIVE sound, then it kicks into a more metal jam with some cool solo parts and back down to low gear.I just got to say that I fucking love this cover, what a great idea, tits and gasmasks, can it be that simple? A great single for sure, check it out.
1.rock hard
2.batteries not included

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Another great piece of NWOBHM, formed in 1980 and split in 1981. Not to be confused with the other NWOBHM band with the same name that happened to record for Neat records. This is a very rare piece of wax that actually lives up to it obscurity. This awesome Leicester based NWOBHM quintet, only released this one 7", "Lightning In The Sky". Which was actually self-released on their own Asgard label in 1981, breaking up sometime after that. The first track "Lightning in the sky" is a Great metal tune that's right up there with some of the best shit. It always surprises me how much better some of the rarest shit is compared to the bands that "Made it" so to speak. Next is another solid rocker called "These Sunday nights", while not as strong as the a-side, its still a killer song and has a great solo out, that fades to the sound of crackling vinyl. Another lost classic..Enjoy!
Feel the thunder rolling through the night, Lightning in the sky!
1.lightning in the sky
2.these Sunday nights


Well I got this one when I was pretty young, another piece of vinyl that I scored at The Record Ranch in Danville,Ky. Formed in 1981 and split after their only piece of vinyl in 1984. I was sucked in by this great cover photo and the great name. The look of the band really made me want to check it out, when I was 13. So when I got home I spun it on my crappy old record player and out came glorious metal sounds of WITCHKILLER, I was totally rocked. From the first song "Day of the Saxons", I was hooked for life. The opening lyrics to this one still get me excited and ready to head bang. I cant believe these dudes didn't go farther because this is really a great piece of music. Fans of NWOBHM and classic metal drool over this one for sure. Next is "Riders of doom" A heavy track with some great guitar and Douglas Lang Adams vocals are just fucking awesome. "Cry wolf" comes next with a lurching gallop, the perfect soundtrack for metal warfare. Next is "beg for mercy", certainly not my favorite track here, but better than alot I have heard,ha ha. Last but not least is"Penance for past sins" another slower heavy epic, with a hell of a punch and again some great lyrics. Good shit, get it! of the Saxons
2.riders of doom
3.cry wolf
4.beg for mercy
5.penance for past sins

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I had been neglecting the punk side of things around here so I thought I would through up a couple CHRONIC SICK singles for all you old punk fans. This U.S. band has little bits and pieces of alot of classic punk bands even though these guys have there own thing going on their own. First up is the "Chronic sick E.P.", I like this one OK but its just not as good as the "Cutest band in hardcore" E.P. The first track is "Reagan bands", this one is pretty good once it gets going, the intro sounds to me like a heaver DEAD KENNEDY'S, then it kicks into some Basic hardcore thrashing with D.R.I. type vocals with almost funny lyrics about "Reagan" hardcore songs. Which reminds me of a time when me and Noel seen D.O.A. and were yelling Reagan sucks (this was in 2000)! We were such assholes. This is pretty typical hardcore. Next is "Crotch rot", maybe the best track on this single, a straight punk rocker with descent vocals. Then there is "Blood type:X" this is a very basic, by the book hardcore song, still its a good one and makes this a pretty descent 7 inch. Next up is the "Cutest band in hardcore" single. The cover photo of this band on the single was what got me interested in them in the first place. Take one look at it and you will see why, these dudes look hilarious. This one comes out of the gate swinging with the offensive scorcher "There goes the neighborhood". A seriously rocking track with some very racially confusing lyrics, I'm really not sure what the point is to this song and they seem to be baiting the audience, either way I don't think its meant to be racist, but I guess It could offend the more sensitive listener. Either way its Classic fucking stuff that must be heard. Sometimes this almost seems like what MINOR THREAT would do if they all drank ,smoked pot,had sex and got a sense of humor. Anyway, on to the next track "Dress code" ,another hard punk slammer,the band kicks it up a notch in the speed department . Then on to "Public suicide", one of the best on this killer single. At this point I was pretty impressed, I mean three good songs in a row, that's fucking rare. Then out comes the fucking masterpiece "Man-rape blues", with a chorus of "I don't want to go back to the pen", This is a smoking fucking classic, I just fucking love it. The next couple of blazing tracks fly by, first with "Mucho macho". This time these guys are showing a little metal influence with a small dose of IRON MAIDEN-esque flare. A great track. Last is the punker "Pain for profit". This one is the most "hardcore" on here, but still mean as hell and dame catchy. Over all the is a great piece of vinyl and you need to check it out!

Chronic sick single
1.Reagan bands
2.crotch rot
3.blood type:X

Cutest band in the world
1.there goes the neighborhood
2.dress code
3.public suicide blues
5.mucho macho
6.pain for profit


Anyone who actually knows me will tell you that I love GOBLIN, since I was a kid I was enamoured with this music. Of course I had heard it playing in several classic Italian horror films and it took me a few years before I figured out who they were, but once I did, I had to have everything they put out, which I do, I think. I also went through a major Dario Argento phase, like most horror nerds and salivated over ever inch of film the man layed down. Now while my love for Argento films never died , It certainly wained over the years while he cranked out a handful of crappers. Through it all my love of GOBLIN stayed true. However after seeing the last one(Argento film) and his Masters of horror episodes, I think hes back with a vengeance. I will spare you a history of this great band because if you are a fan, you probably already know all this shit, the movies, the albums and what happened to them and if you don't ,stop reading and download this now. I am posting this for my good friend Brian Omer, who likes alot of horror soundtrack stuff, but hasn't heard GOBLIN(I'm actually sure that he has,but just didn't know it). I was going to post all the albums that I have but then I remembered this little compilation that I had bought years ago,so here it is. I might post some of the full albums later if people are interested,we'll see! So for now....Hey Brian this ones for you!

Friday, July 17, 2009


This one is certainly suspect but, I really liked it. I understand that it was recorded in 1982 but wasn't released until 2002? Who fucking knows. This is so killer though, total NWOBHM just like I like it. I love the cover even though its completely DIY. If it was actually from the era I would like it more,but really it is pretty generic for a modern cover. First we got "Savage killer", wow what a great track, this one really makes me shake my fist in the air at the metal gods. Next is "Lay down your arms" another fucking rocker and I love these cheeseball lyrics, totally cool. Apparently these dudes put out another single in 2007 that has more old material on it and an album in 2008 that features newer material, I don't have either, so if you do let me know.


This is pretty horrid, but in a good way. Darkness drenches ever corner of this demo, atmosphere abound! But it's really more about Roberta "Morgana" Delaude's vocals, which to be honest sounded like Larry May(Candy Snatchers) to me at first. Anyone who is a CANDY SNATCHERS fan will hear the resemblance immediately. Otherwise this is almost thrash but still in the classic metal vein. I love the basement sound of this demo and the overall lack of quality here, really makes for something special. When the guitarist (Claudio Dauducco) hit the first solo's ,I really wondered if they could pull it back together and they did...sort of. This has a cool horror vibe to all the songs and even some weird keyboards are used here and there. The music goes from fast pace to doom pace and back again, my favorites being "Were fire", a fast rocker that threatens to fall apart at any moment and "Behind my eyes" which is the most metal track here by far and it's another fast one. "Lost angel" is also good but I like the other two better. The fact is that I just love this chicks vocals, very different and unique to say the least. She went own to form here own band called MORGANA, which I also liked and the guys went on to JESTER BEAST, This prime demo shit get it now!
1.Were fire
2.Lost angel
3.Behind my eyes

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