Sunday, July 26, 2009


Here we have the mighty WARLORD. This one is quite odd, a soundtrack to a VHS release and their only full length before getting back together in 2002. I haven't seen this video and it's fucking killing me! Anyway just a year earlier they released "Deliver us" and before that a couple of demos, then this masterpiece crypt out. Some of the same songs appear on "Deliver us", which is great but I think I like these versions better. I picked this one up about 3 years ago at Half priced books store in Louisville, for a paltry 4 bucks, money well fucking spent. I had of course heard of this band before but hadn't tracked down any of their stuff until I found this one. I was very surprised at how good this was, I guess I was expecting some kind of MANOWAR(who I love) copy, but this has tons to offer on it's own. The songs are very well written, catchy and at times sort of technical. From beginning to end this is classic metal in the best ways. These dude's sound totally original and should have really gotten somewhere, because they are far ahead of alot of the bands at the time and the playing here is just superb. The first track "Lucifer's hammer" gets things going and displays this bands abilities very well. Next is the great "Lost and lonely days" which was the single they released from this album backed with "Aliens" , then to the marching terror of "Black mass", which cements this bands true metal intentions. Next they throw in a little prog synth show off piece called "Soliloquy". still metal though. Then move on to this albums best track and one of my all time favorite metal tracks "Aliens", geez this one kicks ass. When I played this album for the first time I thought oh great a songs about aliens, that doesn't sound that metal...WRONG! then we get to "MCMLXXXIV/Child of the Damned" that lets the band speed up a little into power metal territory and they do it well, again the guitars and solo's are top notch shit. Last is the title track from the e.p. "Deliver us", another slightly progressive song, that still remains totally metal and its a damn catchy one at that. Don't miss out on this one, its a true metal classic.

1.Beginning/Lucifer's Hammer
2.Lost And Lonely Days
3.Black Mass
6.MCMLXXXIV/Child Of The Damned
7.Deliver Us From Evil

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  1. Yes, TRULY classic! Just so you'll know, since you haven't seen it, Metal Blade reissued this on DVD (with the CD soundtrack enclosed) a few years back. Not sure if it was Metal Blade US or Europe, but either way, it's essential, so track it down!!



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