Thursday, July 2, 2009


Considered one of the "fathers of crossover", I don't know too much about these guys but I do love this album. I had heard they're tracks "Taste the steel" and "Unicorn" on the "Welcome to Venice" comp but hadn't gotten this album, which sounds a little different than the comp tracks(less suicidal).This is crossover, but in a different vein. Not at all like D.R.I or CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER type of stuff. This has much more in common with something like MOTORHEAD, WARFARE or even ENGLISH DOGS as far as the sound goes and there's a very rock 'n' roll vibe going on most of the tracks,which I really enloy. Obviously these guys were into alot of punk, with lots of bass classic hardcore bass lines starting the songs and the general hardcore style drumming. But the metal shines through at all times. You wouldn't believe this was from California in the 80's. Though these guys are closely related to SUICIDAL TENDENCIES in alot of round about ways this has almost nothing in common with the SUICIDAL sound,Maybe a little bit of NO MERCY, but not SUICIDAL. I remember looking at this album many years ago at Cut corner's
"record celler" store and passing on it for some stupid reason, I probably bought another URIAH HEEP record! There are a couple of other Beowulf/Beowolf's out there so make sure you get the right one. For all you old motor bangers out there,please give this one a shot,you might be surprised. Check it out!

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