Sunday, July 26, 2009


Many people make alot out of the METAL MASSACRE compilations(which I might put up soon) and they are very good, but often they completely pass over these amazing comps. Plenty of these great bands went on to find fame (WHIPLASH,SAVAGE GRACE, ARTILLERY, PRONG, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM) and some didn't (BATTLE BRAT, SHINNING, MIDNIGHT VICE, STILETTO),much like the METAL MASSACRE comps. Featured here are some real luminaries of the thrash metal underground of the time. From amateur to awesome, this ones got it all. Any thrash fan can take a look at this list and see why they would want these albums. However some of these are album tracks and you should get the bands real album anyway, but isn't that the point of a comp? I remember seeing them when I was younger and not getting them for some reason, maybe I was too into punk at the time, but when I finally did, I was blown! There is some seriously fast shit on here and pretty much every track is good and original(unlike modern thrash). This ones not for posers dude! My fav's here are MAYHEM's "burned alive". BATTLE BRAT's "Henchmen", DEATHRASH's "Buried alive" THE KILL's "Kill or be killed" and WHIPLASH's "Thrash till death"(one of my all time favorite bands). Get out that denim jacket, crank it up and bang until DEATH!!!
1. Savage Grace - Master of Disguise
2. Medieval - World War Four
3. Attila - Lucifer's Hammer
4. Shinning - Black Winged Snake
5. Battle Brat - Henchman
6. Artillery - Hey Woman
7. Savage Grace - Fear My Way
8. Midnight Vice - Vice Squad
9. Stiletto - Through the Night
10. At War - Eat Lead
11. Executioner - Victims of Evil
12. Whiplash - Thrash till Death
1. At War - Rapechase
2. Mayhem - Loving Tribute/Burned Alive
3. Samhain - Plague of Messiah
4. Anvil Bitch - Neckbreaker
5. Savage Thrust - Crown of Thorns
6. Deaththrash - Buried Alive
7. Aggression - Metal Slaughter
8. Tempter - Don't Get Mad... Get Evil
9. Flotsam and Jetsam - Hammerhead
10. Wargod - Day of Atonement
11. Outrage - Cracks Under the Ice
12. Post Mortem - Ready to Die
1. Papsmear - Die Killing
2. Wehrmacht - Night of Pain
3. Necropolis - Silent Scream
4. Dream Death - Method to Madness
5. Regurgitation - Pesticide
6. Necrophagia - Power thru Darkness
7.Regurgitation - Laryngitis
8. Blood Feast - The Suicidal Mission
9. Prong - Disbelief
10. Metal Onslaught - Primal Scream
11. The Kill - Kill or Be Killed


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