Saturday, July 18, 2009


I had been neglecting the punk side of things around here so I thought I would through up a couple CHRONIC SICK singles for all you old punk fans. This U.S. band has little bits and pieces of alot of classic punk bands even though these guys have there own thing going on their own. First up is the "Chronic sick E.P.", I like this one OK but its just not as good as the "Cutest band in hardcore" E.P. The first track is "Reagan bands", this one is pretty good once it gets going, the intro sounds to me like a heaver DEAD KENNEDY'S, then it kicks into some Basic hardcore thrashing with D.R.I. type vocals with almost funny lyrics about "Reagan" hardcore songs. Which reminds me of a time when me and Noel seen D.O.A. and were yelling Reagan sucks (this was in 2000)! We were such assholes. This is pretty typical hardcore. Next is "Crotch rot", maybe the best track on this single, a straight punk rocker with descent vocals. Then there is "Blood type:X" this is a very basic, by the book hardcore song, still its a good one and makes this a pretty descent 7 inch. Next up is the "Cutest band in hardcore" single. The cover photo of this band on the single was what got me interested in them in the first place. Take one look at it and you will see why, these dudes look hilarious. This one comes out of the gate swinging with the offensive scorcher "There goes the neighborhood". A seriously rocking track with some very racially confusing lyrics, I'm really not sure what the point is to this song and they seem to be baiting the audience, either way I don't think its meant to be racist, but I guess It could offend the more sensitive listener. Either way its Classic fucking stuff that must be heard. Sometimes this almost seems like what MINOR THREAT would do if they all drank ,smoked pot,had sex and got a sense of humor. Anyway, on to the next track "Dress code" ,another hard punk slammer,the band kicks it up a notch in the speed department . Then on to "Public suicide", one of the best on this killer single. At this point I was pretty impressed, I mean three good songs in a row, that's fucking rare. Then out comes the fucking masterpiece "Man-rape blues", with a chorus of "I don't want to go back to the pen", This is a smoking fucking classic, I just fucking love it. The next couple of blazing tracks fly by, first with "Mucho macho". This time these guys are showing a little metal influence with a small dose of IRON MAIDEN-esque flare. A great track. Last is the punker "Pain for profit". This one is the most "hardcore" on here, but still mean as hell and dame catchy. Over all the is a great piece of vinyl and you need to check it out!

Chronic sick single
1.Reagan bands
2.crotch rot
3.blood type:X

Cutest band in the world
1.there goes the neighborhood
2.dress code
3.public suicide blues
5.mucho macho
6.pain for profit

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  1. Never heard these guys was great! Thanks, man!



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