Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I dont know where I got this demo from but it kills.I have been a RIGOR MORTIS fan since I was just a little pup.When the first album came out I was obssessed with TEXAS CHAINSAW part 2 and RE-ANIMATOR.
So along came a band that not only was one the fastest I had ever heard but were also obssessed with these movies and other 70's and 80"s horror flicks and they were from texas for fucks sake.I remember seeing an ad for the first album in Fangoria or gorezone magazine at the time and thinking the album cover was fucking amazing and that I had to own it.I bought it in Danville,Ky on cassette(which I still have).Most of the tracks on here are alternate versions of the songs from the first album and also features a demo version of "Foaming at the mouth"which appeared in studio form on the "The Decline of the western civilization part 2 soundtrack" + plus one unreleased song "The troll".I think there were studio versions of both of these included on the cd re-release of the first album.This demo pre-dates the album by a couple of years so it is quite a bit rawer ,which should appeal to fans of this kind of stuff.This is amazing horror obssessed thrash metal with that hard punk edge that I love.The guitars are beyond fast and the songs are very catchy gore filled masterpieces.Every album they put out was great,so if you like this demo get everything you can find by them.These guys are back together nowadays and claim to be working on a new album,let's hope they make it happin.
2.Slow death
3.Die in pain
4.Foaming at the mouth
5.Condemned to hell
6.Six feet under
7.The troll

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