Wednesday, September 30, 2009


First let me say this is my all time favorite horror movie, I'm sure of plenty of you don't agree but I don't care. This movie had a profound effect on me and very well may have changed my life forever. After this film I got really into punk and metal, developed a crush on Linnea Quigley that sometimes bordered on Psychotic if not extreme and watched every zombie movie I could get my hands on. My mom actually let me go to the theatre and see this at the tender age of maybe 9 or 10 and by myself no less. To this day I will watch any piece of crap Linnea or Jewel Shepard even have a cameo in. Also the character "Suicide" was very important to me and later in life I found myself relating to him in the weirdest ways, I was the only one of my friends with a car and also the most enveloped and obsessed with punk. None of them really liked me they just needed a ride. In the movie he is kind of over the top ridiculous, but somehow he really hit home to me. The scene where he says "you think this is just a costume, this is a way of life", nothing could say it better than that statement. Now that I'm in my 30's and all my old friends are cranking out kids like Disney cranks out animation, I find my self feeling the same fucking way, they just needed a ride. Of course now that I live in Louisville, Ky, I do get a big kick out of seeing them blow it all to hell at the end. All that aside, on a basic level this movie is damn amazing even by today's standards, the f/x are great, the music is killer and the dialogue is some of the best ever put to paper in my opinion. Over the years this little horror flick has amassed a more than huge cult following, I would say that it is starting to rival Rocky Horror, and justly I might say. I can repeat this dialogue from start to finish, most of it without even playing the movie. Anyway here's the killer soundtrack with all the great music from the movie and the best of the dialogue. There is a great bootleg version of the film out there that has most of the edited footage added, including the extended ending, classic! Hunt that shit down if you love this movie, it will make your fucking day. As of midnight tonight this is the beginning of MONSTER MONTH for me and I am planing on putting up a horror related item everyday this month, don't worry I will still post some metal and punk. But it is October after all.
Tonight we make love till we die!


Here's a little piece of weirdness I did a couple of years ago, I meant to get someone to put it out but never got around to it. So instead I made this little CD-r version. These are two totally different songs I made on the old 8-track. Pretty rough and weird stuff, I doubt anyone will be that surprised, but then again you never know. I have been working on finishing the whole album lately, so I'm throwing this up to see what people think. These are just ruff mixes and they sound like it, but I was happy enough with them to share. Kind of weird emotional stuff. Please be kind ...It's my first time....Ha Ha just kidding I cant wait for the hate mail. I always promised not to use the blog to push my own shit, but since you cant actually purchase this I think were OK...Enjoy the NIGHTDREAMER!
2.The Sacrifice

Monday, September 28, 2009


Good fucking punk/glam/new wave band from Ireland here. This is a pretty strange record and I'm not all together sure how to describe it, but I like it. Formed originally in 77 as RAPED, the CUDDLY TOYS started out just trying to piss people off and they did, I mean with a name like RAPED it couldn't have been that hard right? The Pretty Paedophiles EP, must have helped out a bit also. But eventually against all odds and after a name change they got somewhere and were up to be managed by the one and only Marc Bolan, but sadly he died before this could happen. Leaving the CUDDLY TOYS in nowheresville. This is a pretty strong piece of wax and not all the songs appeal to me, but I give it to these guys for sheer originality. When this record hits it hits pretty hard, but the bad places can be a real thorn at times, but hey that's why we can skip forward on the old CD player right? I really like This cover, it has got to be one of the weirder ones I have seen and does nothing to describe the music it contains, or maybe it does, Ha Ha. Check it out and let me know what you think. 70's Glam fans take note. Great stuff!
1. Introvenus
2. Brain Saviour
3. Join The Girls
4. Wolf
5. Madman
6. Fall And Decline Of The Universe
7. Astral Joe
8. My Commando
9. Full Circle
10. Alien
11. Guillotine Theatre
12. Timewarp
13. Slow Down
14. You Keep Me Hanging On
15. Front Page News
16. Sound Of The Sirens
17. Holocaust
18. Bring On The Ravers

Sunday, September 27, 2009


A fantastic Thrash album from California's BLOODLUST. Formed in 83, to me this sounds like a speed up meaner version of WITCHKILLER. There are moments that are kind of remind me of MOTORHEAD / RUNNING WILD also. This is closer to speed metal than total Thrash due to the true metal parts, but there is some fast stuff. My favorites here are "Soldier of Fortune". "Chainsaw" and "Rising Power". Fucking great metal music, awesome vocals and a ton of energy. Certainly give this one a listen or two.
1.Soldier of Fortune
2.Ride to Death
4.Tear it Up
5.Bleeding for You
6.Too Scared to Run
7.Rising Power


This one is pretty funny, the vocals here are over the top and that's what drew my attention in the first place. This record is a heavy but kind of Glam proposition. Almost all heavy metal stereotypes are present, screaming vocals, acoustic interludes, sub moronic lyrics and some uber flashy guitar solo's and I don't mean any of that in a bad way. I think this is a very catchy, if neanderthal record. Sometimes there is a AC/DC kind of vibe happening, maybe more in a KROKUS vein, but you get the point. Also maybe a hint of ACCEPT. This is the only album that I have by them, I have read there is another one called "Rock 'n' Roll Salvation", but so far I haven't heard it. I don't think they put out any singles either. This is fun metal record for sure, so give it a listen already!
1.Forgotten Child
2.Street Kids
3.On The Run
4.It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
5.We're Sorry
7.Skid Row Star
8.Movin' On
9.Buckwheats Boogie


Alrighty here is the sequel AKA Volume two of my fantastic heavy 70's Rock series ATOMIC BOMBS AWAY, as my good friend Mr.Rutherford guessed, the title is from a BLUES CREATION song, good job Mike. Now this one is just more of the same, featuring some real 70's obscurities. Of course I have thrown in a couple of classic tracks that should be familiar to alot of you, just for the hell of it. This one might be a little more jammed out, their a few pretty epic tracks here, but all of it is really top notch shit, give it a listen. Hope you like it as much as the first one.
1.Virus-King Heroin
2.Moloch-Helping hand
3.Bedlam-The beast
4.Black Spirit-Crazy times
6.Epitaph-Moving to the Country
8.Fire-Could you understand me
9.Captain Beyond-Dancing madly backwards
10.Krokodil-Last Doors
11.Zior-Have you heard the wind speak
13.The Flying Hat Band-Coming of the lord
Part 1
Part 2


Killer German metal with a cool rock 'n' roll attitude, though you may not have heard of them, they are actually pretty important, they along with ACCEPT and TRANCE, were early progenitors of the classic real metal sound in Germany. Of course I have to mention that this features Barbara Schenker on Keyboards, the sister of Michael and Rudolf Schenker of SCORPIONS. If you love metal, that alone should make you want to hear this. It's not as completely amazing as SCORPIONS or anything, but it's a damn good metal record. It does dip into the "Rock" category quite a bit, but then their are some pretty heavy moments too. The lyrics here are sometimes a little ridiculous, like on the first track "The Bitch" and the vocals are little rough here and there, still it's pretty damn entertaining shit. This is their second album and I would think these fellows would have went over great with the biker set. This is a great but totally retarded cover. I love it. Check it out Dude!

1.The Bitch
2.Little Rock Tonight
3.What Next
4.Break Out
5.What The Hell Is Going On
6.Give It To Me
7.Screaming For Your Love
8.White Snow

Saturday, September 26, 2009


First of all let me say sorry for not posting as much as usual this week, my wireless connection has just been complete shit. Anyway let's get the makeup session under way. I thought since the last thing I posted was SATAN, why not make today's post HELL. This is a virtually unknown NWOBHM band. Very original stuff here and the vocals are totally strange. The sound quality here isn't the best, considering that this is a rehearsal demo anyway, its pretty listenable. These dudes are criminally under appreciated. The HELL story isn't that different from alot of bands that barely made it out of the basement, so to speak. They did play shows, but this kind of music in 82, wasn't gonna get you anywhere. They did happen to get a piece of vinyl out though. A single called "Save us from those who would save us", a good piece of wax but their demos are much better. This is actually their second demo and they made a little progress here from the first one. The songs are all kind of epic and I guarantee that this isn't like any other Occult band out there. Sadly right as they were signing a deal with MAUSOLEUM, the label collapsed and then so did the band and eventually singer Dave Halliday killed himself via carbon monoxide poisoning. Crazy right. Every old school black metal fan out there should know who these guys are by now. They have since reformed with Martin Walkyier from SABBAT (another fantastic occult act ) on vocals. This picture of them totally reminds me of AGONY BAG and I think fans of that kind of stuff will also dig this. Heartfelt epic occult metal, amazing!

1. Macbeth
2. Blasphemy and the Master
3. The Oppressors
4. The Disposer Supreme
5. The Quest
6. In Depths of Despair
7. Intense Is the Sense of Doom
8. Deliver Us from Evil

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SATAN - DEMOS 1981 & 1982 (UK)

Here are two fucking scorching demos by NWOBHM legends SATAN. Formed way back in 1979 in Newcastle. This band has featured members from such bands as MYTHRA, BLITZKRIEG, TYSONDOG, AVENGER and SARACEN. Practically English royalty right! The first demo here is the first real studio material the band committed to tape and its on fire. These tracks are surprisingly heavy and dark for the time. One of the best demo's I have heard from 81. The track "Executioner" is especially abrasive and tough. The opening riff really surprised me. Each track follows basically the same rocking path to total metal! Two of these songs "Kiss of Death" and "Head's will Roll" appeared on their first single Fans of HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, AVENGER, CLOVEN HOOF, VENOM, take note!
Steve Ramsey (G)Russ Tippins (G)Graeme English (B)Andy Reed (D)Trevor Robinson (V)
1.Kiss of Death
2.Heads Will Roll
4.The Executioner
Next we got the "Into The Fire" demo. These guys are a little more polished this time around, but still a very heavy record. This demo features a different line up than the previous demo and in fact most of the recordings these fellows did feature different lineups. The song writing is much more mature this time around, but there is some energy missing. The music on this reminds me a little of early MERCYFUL FATE, but with out the crazy King Diamond vocals.
This is damn good stuff don't get me wrong. Most bands would have killed to make a demo this good in 82, but Its just not as great as their first one. Amazing stuff check it out.
Steve Ramsey (G)Russ Tippins (G)Graeme English (B)Ian Swift (V)Ian McCormack (D)
1.Into the Fire
2.Trial by Fire
3.Blades of Steel
4.No Turning Back
5.Break Free
6.Pull the Trigger
7.The Ritual

GOBLIN POST NO.2 !!!!!!!!

OK so I promised some more GOBLIN, now here it is. I tried to include a few very important soundtracks and some lesser known gems as well. Of course there is the amazing "Suspiria" and the equally as important and amazing "Deep Red" albums to represent the pinnacle of GOBLIN genius. Now anyone who is already into GOBLIN has already heard these soundtracks, but if you are not familiar with them ,this is a great place to start. Both of these are nothing short of brilliant. Sure I could have added few other major points in GOBLIN career, but then how would I make GOBLIN POST NO.3 happen? The lesser (only in popularity) soundtracks I included here are "Patrick" and "Contamination", great but not as good as the first two I listed, still powerful soundtracks. I have also put up a couple of studio albums that they did, the first "Roller" is totally awesome and up there with GOBLIN'S best material. It was supossed to be a soundtrack but that didnt happen. The next is "Perche Si Uccidono" , this one is actually GOBLIN performing as Iil Reale Impero Britannico with one of my other favorite Italian composer's Mr. Fabio Frizzi. This should have been amazing, but really I found it kind of a let down. I mean this should have been a dream come true for Italian horror music fans, so I will let you decide what you think. GOBLIN fans dig in and enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Geez, what can "I" say about this record that hasn't been said a thousand times before, not much really. Im sure that plenty of you have heard this record before or at least heard of it and already made up your mind about Paul Chain. But for those who don't know, this is one fantastic piece of vinyl. A classic E.P. by ex-DEATH SS guitarist Paul Chain. DEATH SS is one of the first really heavy bands to come out of Italy in the late 70's and at this point are widely considered Doom metal gods. Now their new material may be another story, but the classic shit is nuts! Back on track here, this E.P. is one of the heaviest records, maybe ever. Im not kidding. This is total SABBATH worship at it's finest, but there is alot more going on here too. The whole Atmosphere of gloom and creepiness makes for some awesome and depressing Doom. I was a fan of DEATH SS before I knew about Paul Chain, But I was shorty clued in after getting the early DEATH SS albums and singles. Totally amazing stuff also, if you have heard them please check them out! This guy has put out well over 30 albums over the last twenty some years and believe me not all of them are as good as this one but, Paul is certainly an original and that never goes unoticed here at Goodnight Whatever You Are. Sometimes this record feels a little like WITCHFINDER GENERAL attempting GOBLIN, ha weird right? Well sort of if it wasn't so goddamn heavy. Did I mention he sings in his own made up language, except for the songs titles!!?? If you dig TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM or ST.VITUS you should certainly check this one out.
2.Voyage To Hell
4.17 Day

Thursday, September 17, 2009


This is such a rocking single, almost punk even and what a great cover too, I don't understand it exactly but I love it. Is that a severed shrunken head? It's certainly not a Boll weevil. This one sounds pretty good to, one of the rough but awesome type recordings. This sort of reminds me a bit of HIGH TREASON at times. The first track here is "Rock Solid", A great straight up rocker, fast paced and energetic as hell. I love the slightly out of tune guitar leads on this one and the vocals are pretty raw. I love the rock 'n' roll style lyrics too. This one is a true gem. The next track here is "Sands of time", this one starts out like a ballad but progresses into a very up beat and again almost punk affair. Another catchy piece of garage metal. There's really some very amateurish about this single and thats what makes it so appealing, great fucking stuff. Yet another band that I just wonder what might have been, if they had only lasted long enough.
1.Rock solid
2.Sands of time


A couple of great first wave thrash records for you today by Germany's BACKWATER. I got these records from my good friend Marcus from Germany about a year ago. I had the second one on CD already, but I didn't have the first one or either on vinyl. Thanks Marcus! Both of these are really killer beer drinking German thrash metal, very energetic and fun stuff. Thrash with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude. The first one is more in the VENOM mold, but the second shows the band in a little more of a serious thrash/speed direction. If you dig MOTORHEAD, VENOM, ATOMKRAFT, BULLDOZER or WARFARE this should definitely appeal to you. Two great fucking thrashers!REVELATION
1. Dirty Pigs
2. Too Much Alcohol
3. Bad Choice
4. The Black Knight And The Holy Sword
5. Hell-Cat
6. Shut Up And Love
7. Witchchaser
8. Rock Hard
9. The Creed

1. Backwater
2. Cry Out
3. Ballad Of Dying
4. Nuclear War
5. Touch Of The Avenue
6. Vicious
7. Green-Eyed Woman
8. Smokin' Drinkin'
9. Backwater Part 2


Another great slice of NWOBHM here, This time around we have the mighty PROWLER. This single really kills man, I know I say that alot about NWOBHM stuff, but this is a really really good one. Not to be confused with the PROWLER that appeared on the "Brute Force" compilation that MCA put out. This is great head banger, anthemic metal! The first track "Forgotten Angel" is just a flat out rocking mid tempo slammer. The drums are very tribal and heavy with crunchy guitars, great vocals and a blazing solo. This is pretty stripped down, straight forward, fist pumping English metal that could compete with most of the bigger bands of the time. The next track is "Don't let go", another rocker with tons of energy and a good chorus. I can also hear some wicked galloping happening on the guitars, great shit. Over all I really love the way this single sounds, rough but in a very good way. the A-side is a little better track, but both are worth your time and effort. Dig in!
1.Forgotten Angels
2.Don't Let Go

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Now this is a weird record, the cover and name look totally metal but the music is closer to the G.B.H. or DISCHARGE style punk. That's not to say that there is not metal on this album, sometimes it seems like these guys good into straight metal territory at anytime and the solo's on this are really just crazy and sometimes here and there the vocals remind me of Ian Stuart. It's really hard to accurately describe the sound of this record and what the fuck happens to the drums during "Virgins"?. Most of the tracks here are kind of alike, so if you like the first one you know what your in store for. Again a great cover, weird but great just the way I like it.
1. Animal People
2. I'm For Real
3. Feelings
4. Virgins
5. Get Out
6. Rubber Dolls
7. Call My Name
8. Invasion


Here's a fun power metal record from Portland, Oregon's DR. MASTERMIND. Great name even if it's a little ridiculous. This is pretty straight power metal with crazy shredding solo's, lots of double bass and catchy songs. Something here reminds me of PILEDRIVER, I cant put my finger on it really. I heard this record when I was a kid at my Uncle David's house, the same guy that turned me onto METALLICA. He also had both of those PILEDRIVER albums, so maybe it's just me, ha. This features a couple of WILD DOGS members, if you know who they are. These dudes have good E.P. right before this album, that's worth checking out too. This is very entertaining shit, my favorite here tracks are "Domination" and "Black Leather Maniac". Also on a side not here, the current drummer for JOURNEY was in this band, ha ha, crazy right? Don't let that keep you from checking this out though, it's total metal shit!
2.The right way
3.Man of the year
4.The Villa
6.We want the World
9.Black Leather Maniac
10.I Don't wanna Die

Monday, September 14, 2009


Here's a great one from Spain, I don't know shit about this one but it's in Spanish, it jams and its rare as hell, apparently no copies were ever even actually sold. They were recorded and pressed, but never made it to the public, or so the legend goes. Who knows? If anyone can shed some light on this band for me please do. Musically we've got a great speed almost power metal kind of band with really catchy songs (even if I have no idea what their singing about), with soaring vocals, that are totally metal, a little NWOBHM sounding with a power metal edge. Very good. The solo's are very tasteful and plentiful. All around just a great album and this seems to be their one and only vinyl appearance and hell it didn't even get released. Favorites here are "Entre el Fuego y la Cruz" a very well written track that totally gets stuck in my head and "Hades", the descending guitar riff on this is awesome. Great Spanish metal!
1.Entre el Fuego y la Cruz
2.Fantasía para el Duende
4.La Magia del Rock
5.La Reina
6.El Camino de los Dioses

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Alright here's a true innovator of Horror and Monster rock, this man was a God as far as I'm concerned. Critics at the time and now completely pan Sutch and alot of folks still think this shit is a joke. I'm not saying some of the later stuff isn't kind of wacky but this prime era stuff is totally amazing. Sutch is the missing like between the Zacherle, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Bobby "Boris"Picket style Monster rock of the 50's to the crazy glam horror theatre that was Alice Cooper/Arthur Brown in the late 60's. Sutch would start his shows by coming out of a black coffin, also the shows included knives and daggers, skulls and "bodies", along with a wealth of other horror imagery. Sutch also did some Costume theme tours, once dressing the band in full Roman garb. Sutch took the campy aspect of Monster rock and infused it with awesome guitars and lyrics that push the bounds of good taste. Also real quick I gotta mention this classic picture(above) of Sutch meeting Jerry Lee Lewis, I'm sure the Killer was thinking,"Who the fuck is the fucking weirdo", ha ha.

Now the first album here is "The Screaming Lord Sutch Story" is a great collection of Sutch's early singles. For monster music fan's, these singles are a holy grail of horror music. There are not that many artist's that stuck with the horror formula or persona for long during this time period, but Sutch flew these colors loud and proud, pretty much until he died in 1999. This album includes all the early classics like, "Till the following night", "Dracula's daughter", "All black and hairy" and "Jack the ripper". I cant say enough about Lord Sutch or his music, this shit is the shit! You must get this NOW!

1.till the following night
2.jack the ripper and hairy
4.she's fallen in love with a monster man
5.purple people eater in black tights
7.Dracula's daughter
8.good golly miss molly
9.don't you just know it
10.I'm a hog for you baby
11.come back baby
12.the train keep-a-rollin
13.honey hush
14.bye bye baby
15.the cheat

Next up is LORD SUTCH AND HEAVY FRIENDS, this is an awesome L.P. Great fucking stuff. This lacks alot of the horror element from his early singles but this record is still demented and heavy. Of course I got to mention that this albums features some pretty famous players like Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Jeff Beck, Noel Redding and Nicky Hopkins, wow right? Despite this great line up this album still got panned and later it was even called as one of the worst albums of all time.....WRONG!!!!!!! This is a great piece of wax, with tons of energy and alot of great fucking songs. Sutch's voice sounds better than a ton of other "Talented musicians" and this record out rocks the vast majority of albums released in 1970. This is Sutch's lest horror oriented album, so if you don't like the monster rock element at least check this one out.

1. Wailing Sounds
2. 'Cause I Love You
3. Flashing Lights
4. Gutty Guitar
5. Would You Believe
6. Smoke and Fire
7. Thumping Beat
8. Union Jack Car
9. One for You, Baby
10. L-O-N-D-O-N
11. Brightest Light
12. Baby, Come Back

Last we have the "Hands of the Ripper" album, this one is a bit of a mixed bag, the cover is amazing and misleading, this really isn't a horror album. However it does include a 9 minute reworking of Sutch's classic "Jack the Ripper" re-titled as "Hands of the Ripper", but other than that this is really just Sutch bashing his way through some classic 50's covers. The high points here are"Country Club" and "Gotta keep-a-rocking", which again is a reworking of an old Sutch track called "Don't you just know it", not his best album but still a damn fun listen. The line up of the band is pretty damn impressive again, I mean Ritchie Blackmore, Keith Moon and Noel Redding that's fucking amazing. Though I think I love Blackmore enough that I could probably listen to a tape of him farting in a microphone and like it! One last piece of trivia I want to mention is that if you have ever heard the ROLLING STONES song "Get Off of My Cloud", I'm not sure how you wouldn't have but, the guy who shows up "All dressed up just like a Union Jack", well guess who there talking about.

1. Gotta Keep A-Rocking
2. Roll Over Beethoven
3. Country Club
4. Hands of Jack the Ripper
5. Good Golly Miss Molly
6. Great Balls of Fire
7.Bye Bye Johnny/Johnny B. Goode
8. Tutti Frutti Medley


Here's a wacky crossover/grindcore record for you's. Featuring Dan Lilker from NUCLEAR ASSAULT and S.O.D. on drums. Great stuff for sure, very funny and it has alot of heavy parts, that alot of these type albums lack. These guys really had me at "Aids, who fucking cares!", so funny. Then there grinding version of "Paranoid" kicked in and I was really cracking up. Also got to mention the part where they have the girls singing"Go hot sauce, Go hot sauce". I have been jamming alot of records like this lately and these guys aren't far from the likes of M.O.D., HELL'S KITCHEN, SPAZZTIC BLURR, or WEHRMACHT. If you like that stuff then this is right up your alley. Alot of funny tracks here, but I think I like "Aids" and "I need a job" the best. This has nothing on SORE THROAT for ridiculousness, but it's a great album.

1.Intro: AIDS
2.Passive Terrorism
3.Tony's Dilemma
4.Clueless Fucks
5.I Need A Job
6.Communication Breakdown
7.The Cheeba Man
8.Free Bird?


Since you guys seem to really dig the Halloween records I have put up so here another one for you. Bob McFadden is no stranger here at Goodnight Whatever You Are, I mentioned him before in my DICK JACOBS - THEMES FROM HORROR MOVIES 1959 post. Bob rules for the most part and this album is no exception. It is a great piece of entertainment, even if it is very silly and slightly annoying at times, like the part where the mummy mentions "Kookie, Kookie lend me your comb" and when they start doing "Hound Dog", both of those moments might make you question your own sanity. But I assure you there is good stuff here. Don't get me wrong I dig the "Mummy" songs on this but, I prefer the other tracks, the best of which are "The Shriek of Agony" and "I dig you Baby". Also I gotta mention the cover, which I think is really great and unique. Is the Mummy a chick? This is a must have if you dig this kind of stuff. Bob's no Zacherle, but hell who is!
1.The Mummy
2.The Sheik Of Araby (Shriek Of Agony-Cha Cha Cha)
3.Sing Along With The Mummy (Shake, Rattle And Roll)
4.I Dig You Baby
5.Frankie And Igor At A Rock And Roll Party
6.Noisy Village
7.Son Of The Mummy (More Sing Along With The Mummy)
8.Hound Dog
10.The Children Cross The Bridge - Colonel Bogey March
11.The Beat Generation
12.The Beverly Hills Telephone Directory Cha Cha Cha


Proto punk biker madness abound, here's a great heavy rock record, that you don't hear much about. Ohio's RAVEN is just one on a long list of unearthed 70's obscurities that must be heard. Great vocals here and lyrics, most of these tracks exude bad attitude and unhappiness. This feels drugged out but not psychedelic. The angry biker vibe is all over this also, with the bad language, drug reverence's and general unhappiness, that stains this album top to bottom. The first track is a doomy drag through some pissed downer lyrics and great solo's, leading right into the next track "Raven Mad Jam" that's more of the same, just a little meaner. This track eventually transforms into an acoustic jam. That's cool, if unexpected. I dig the weird drums in the back ground alot. Next we got the more subdued "Don't you feel it", a little more hippie rock vibe here, but still abrasive. The next one is the same thing, less abrasive and more rock, OK though. That brings us to our title track "Back to Ohio Blues". This one is a very doomy blues number with great lyrics and solo's. This sounds so desperate at times, that there is no wonder left if they are serious. This track is totally fucked blues clocking in at 13 minutes and 10 seconds, this one may try your Patience, but if you are in the right mood, it's a real killer. Great stuff!
1.can't you see
2.raven mad jam
3.don't you feel it
4.war with your souls
5.back to ohio blues


Even more great NWOBHM for you guys. This time we got some headbangers from Birmingham, not to be confused with the other SCARAB, also from Birmingham apparently. This one reminds me alot of ANGEL WITCH in the vocal department. The intro to the first track "Poltergeist" is almost worth your time alone. This is a great mid paced slice of heavy metal. Next we got the B-side "Hell on wheels", with some great riffing at the beginning, this is the stronger, more metal track. The vocals are out front and this one is much more serious in it's approach than the A-side. Also this one is damn catchy and very well written I think. They have a demo after this if anyone has that ,let me know. A great single, check it out!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Wow, here are two great, if not completely different albums involving Halloween record mastermind Wade Denning. The first one is your typical Halloween offering in a way, starting off with yet another version of "Monster mash" and then going straight into sound effects and other weird story shit. This isn't your usual sound effect stuff though, this one is very creative and somewhat frightening and extreme at times even. The little story parts are very cool, very well done and make this album come alive. Overall this is one of the best albums of it's type. I have a ton of these sound effect Halloween albums and this one really stands out and holy fuck what an amazing cover!

1.The Monster Mash
2.The Werewolf Attacks
3.Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde
4.Frankenstein Returns
5.Jack The Ripper
6.King Kong
7.Cound Dracula
8.The Headless Horseman
9.The Mummy's Revenge
10.Phantom Of The Opera
11.Buried Alive
12.Burned At The Seake
13.The Exorcism
14.Incredible Giant Crab
15.Victims Of The Guillotine
16.Curse Of The Zombies
17.Keel Hauled
18.The Torture Chamber
19.The Blob
20.The Nightmare Of Lost Souls
Next we have one of my absolute favorite Halloween albums. This time around Wade is joined by Kay Lande and some eerie kids too. Kay lends the the adult female vocals to the masterpiece. Kind of more like a teacher leading her students, than a singer. Unlike Sounds of Terror, this is actually full of fun little songs that are painfully catchy. If I even listen to two seconds of this record, I will be singing it all day in my head. I cant begin to describe how much this record means to me or how many times I have played it. Total overload! The best songs here have to be "The Pumpkin tells" "Guess what I am" "Halloween dance" and "Witch's stew", fucking incredible! Also the way they incorporate classic tunes into this monster mess is just killer. If you even remotely like this kind of stuff or you like kids records, you have to hear this one. One of the best and one of a kind!

2.The Pumpkin Tells
3.A Weird Happening
4.The Strange Three
5.Guess What I am
6.Halloween Dance
7.She's Stuck on a Broomstick
8.Lil' Orphan Annie
9.Witch's Stew
10.Pass the Witch's Broomstick


First of all, no it's not that SLAYER or S.A. SLAYER, this is an entirely different entity from the UK. Formed around 1980 ,this is the first SLAYER, however after becoming painfully aware of their American counter parts, they quickly changed their name to DRAGONSLAYER and re-released this great single. This is the original version of the single, not that there is any difference in the music, just the name. These dudes seemed to do OK for themselves for a while, securing some great opening spots for HELLOWEEN and ACCEPT, but sadly by 1986 they had laid it down , they did however resurrect the name for an Ebony Records compilation, with a much more radio friendly song called "Rock the radio", which totally sucked BTW. Then they were gone again for good. The first here track is "I want your life", a great mid paced JUDAS PRIEST style slammer, that's good for a little headbanging here and there. Next is the killer "Satan is free", I really like this one, it's rather amateurish and sloppy but theres just something there that I really dig, probally because it's about SATAN! Then we have the ballad-Esq "Broken hearts", this one is OK for a slower tune, a bit of a let down, but very mid 70's sounding. Good but not great. "Satan is free" is the gem here and makes this whole single worthwhile, give it a listen and ...Enjoy!
1.I Want Your Life
2.Satan Is Free
3.Broken Hearts


Love this fucking single, the first track "Midnight" is a killer and quirky track that reminds me alot of EXCALIBUR's "Haunted by the Shadows", a great song itself. Very well written stuff here, the chorus on "Midnight" totally makes me want to pump my fist in the air. These dudes are little ahead of the curve here and play this shit perfectly. Next is the B-side "Ripoff", another killer track that reminds me a bit of TYGERS OF PAN TANG, but this isn't copy rock, it's original stuff. This sucker flies by too, its over before you know it and you gotta start it all over again. A fantastic fucking single here, a true NWOBHM classic. This band changed their name to TEMPEST(another good band) a little bit after this single, I'll have to get that up soon. I have these guys demo also, so if enough of you get this I guess I will have to put it up also. Get this one for sure dude! ..Enjoy!
2.Rip off

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