Saturday, September 26, 2009


First of all let me say sorry for not posting as much as usual this week, my wireless connection has just been complete shit. Anyway let's get the makeup session under way. I thought since the last thing I posted was SATAN, why not make today's post HELL. This is a virtually unknown NWOBHM band. Very original stuff here and the vocals are totally strange. The sound quality here isn't the best, considering that this is a rehearsal demo anyway, its pretty listenable. These dudes are criminally under appreciated. The HELL story isn't that different from alot of bands that barely made it out of the basement, so to speak. They did play shows, but this kind of music in 82, wasn't gonna get you anywhere. They did happen to get a piece of vinyl out though. A single called "Save us from those who would save us", a good piece of wax but their demos are much better. This is actually their second demo and they made a little progress here from the first one. The songs are all kind of epic and I guarantee that this isn't like any other Occult band out there. Sadly right as they were signing a deal with MAUSOLEUM, the label collapsed and then so did the band and eventually singer Dave Halliday killed himself via carbon monoxide poisoning. Crazy right. Every old school black metal fan out there should know who these guys are by now. They have since reformed with Martin Walkyier from SABBAT (another fantastic occult act ) on vocals. This picture of them totally reminds me of AGONY BAG and I think fans of that kind of stuff will also dig this. Heartfelt epic occult metal, amazing!

1. Macbeth
2. Blasphemy and the Master
3. The Oppressors
4. The Disposer Supreme
5. The Quest
6. In Depths of Despair
7. Intense Is the Sense of Doom
8. Deliver Us from Evil

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