Sunday, September 6, 2009


Formed way back in 1974 in Philadelphia. I don't have to go into how important or rare that is that, but its substantial. These dudes shared the stage at Max's with the NEW YORK DOLLS and a host of other legendary NYC early punk bands. These guys only put out one single in 1978, which is a mystery because you would think every record label in the world would have wanted these guys. The single even charted in the top 40 in the UK, jeez what a missed opportunity, cause these dudes really destroy. I listen to a ton of punk music and there are bands that suck, bands that are just good and then every once in awhile a record like this comes along and you cant believe you hadn't already heard it, you cant believe you have lived this long without this motherfucker. To me this is totally like a black DEAD BOYS and anyone who knows me knows I love the fucking DEAD BOYS. This is classic , this is essential. Speaking of black punk, lately so much fuss has been made about that lost DEATH album(which is a great record, don't get me wrong), but don't let that fool you, this is the band you need here. Don't fuck around and miss out on this one.

1.Noise Addiction
2.Hard Action
3.Lame Brain
4.I feel Bad
5.Wild One
6.Rot in the Doghouse
7.No Rules
8.Thrillers of Oz
9.Spoiled Sport
10.Courageous Cat
11.These Boots Are Made For Walking
13.The Girl With the Hungry Eyes
14.I Want Your Body


  1. I posted this record some months back, it's a classic!!

  2. thanks so much. i'm black and i truly missed out. glad to know that people are informed.

  3. This is a great record, I like this one as much as I was supposed to like Death.



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