Monday, September 14, 2009


Here's a great one from Spain, I don't know shit about this one but it's in Spanish, it jams and its rare as hell, apparently no copies were ever even actually sold. They were recorded and pressed, but never made it to the public, or so the legend goes. Who knows? If anyone can shed some light on this band for me please do. Musically we've got a great speed almost power metal kind of band with really catchy songs (even if I have no idea what their singing about), with soaring vocals, that are totally metal, a little NWOBHM sounding with a power metal edge. Very good. The solo's are very tasteful and plentiful. All around just a great album and this seems to be their one and only vinyl appearance and hell it didn't even get released. Favorites here are "Entre el Fuego y la Cruz" a very well written track that totally gets stuck in my head and "Hades", the descending guitar riff on this is awesome. Great Spanish metal!
1.Entre el Fuego y la Cruz
2.Fantasía para el Duende
4.La Magia del Rock
5.La Reina
6.El Camino de los Dioses

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