Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Classic single here by NWOBHM obscurities SEVERED HEAD. Formed in 1981, the tracks from this single were originally recorded for Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show. These plus two others, "Gods Of My Father" and "Two wheeled Mistress" were broadcast on 3/18/83. The first track here is "Heavy Metal", this one is beyond anthemic, almost to absurdity. Up there with MANOWAR's "Blow your Speakers", but not quite SAXON's "Denim and Leather". Great shit though. Next up is the strangely titled "Killing the kids". Its a weirder track that lacks the classic quality of the A-side, but I gotta say I liked it pretty well after a couple spins. Especially when they chant "Killin, Killin". Of course, this has an amazing fucking cover. Its hard not to be let down with a great cover like this, but this single pulls through. Also what a great name, I never even thought of it until seeing this single, but it seems so obvious. I cant believe there aren't a thousand SEVERED HEAD's out there, maybe there are. But this has this cool cover!

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