Friday, September 4, 2009


Great record by these unknown rockers. Formed in 1983 by Steve White from ATOMKRAFT, another great band. He also spent a little time in VENOM(The Wastelands). This is some doomy NWOBHM shit, but in a more upbeat way. Don't get me wrong their not like WITCHFINDER GENERAL or more Sabbath-esque bands of the era. Different from most bands period. The guitars are very crunchy and all the songs are pretty straight forward. Plenty of cool sound effects going on in the background sometimes, I love that type shit.The vocals here are what really sell this though, vocalist Bernadette Mooney's strange voice carries the atmosphere of gloom and doom, giving this a somewhat depressing feel. All the songs here are very well written and played, over all a very strong offering. They have a demo before this record and after this record, I don't have either, so if any one does, drop me a line here.

1. Sacred Hold
2. On The Edge
3. Power
4. No Time
5. Dangerous
6. Can't Wait
7.No Place To Hide

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  1. Wow, this record is great. Really kind of desperate sounding. Thanks.



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