Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Love this fucking single, the first track "Midnight" is a killer and quirky track that reminds me alot of EXCALIBUR's "Haunted by the Shadows", a great song itself. Very well written stuff here, the chorus on "Midnight" totally makes me want to pump my fist in the air. These dudes are little ahead of the curve here and play this shit perfectly. Next is the B-side "Ripoff", another killer track that reminds me a bit of TYGERS OF PAN TANG, but this isn't copy rock, it's original stuff. This sucker flies by too, its over before you know it and you gotta start it all over again. A fantastic fucking single here, a true NWOBHM classic. This band changed their name to TEMPEST(another good band) a little bit after this single, I'll have to get that up soon. I have these guys demo also, so if enough of you get this I guess I will have to put it up also. Get this one for sure dude! ..Enjoy!
2.Rip off

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