Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's some totally classic heavy metal with female vocals. I love this chicks voice, totally ballsy and tough. The band and the music are wicked too. Sure to please any fan of classic metal. In a way this reminds me of Witchkiller with female vocals, which is awesome. The lyrics are more like, "Fuck you I'll do what I wanna do" or "Dude heavy metal is a way of life", haha, those are not actual lyrics just the vibe of the album. This is their only full length album, but they do have a single. This is a gem just waiting to be unearthed. Classic Stuff!
1. Wildlife
2. Last Chance
3. Are You There?
4. Dream With Me
5. Coming to Your Town
6. Running from Luck
7. Sea of Thought
8. Children of the Night
9. Screamin' Guitars
10. Beyond the Iron Walls


Classic shit here, certainly needs no explanation. The first time I ever heard this was from my good friend Chris Hutton, who actually owns this on cassette. To say this is bad would be a vast understatement. Make me wish I still had my Freddy doll .Enjoy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Here we go again! Another ton of great heavy songs from way back when, personally I think this is one of the best volumes. Light up and enjoy!
1.Hairy Chapter-Theres a kind of nothing
2.Irish Coffee-Cant Take
3.Saturnalia-Winchester Town
4.The Human Beast-Brush With The Midnight Butterfly
5.McChurch Soundroom-Delusion
6.Left End-Loser
7.Tiger B. Smith-Tiger Rock
8.Mountain-Never in my Life
9.Grand Theft-Scream(its eating me alive)
11.P205-Major God
12.Kingdom Come-Space Plucks
13.Midnight-Suicidal Ways
14.Pax-A Storyless Junkie
15.Shinki Chen and his Friends-Requiem of Confusion
Part 1
Part 2


Heres another one that probably doesn't need an explanation, I'm sure most of you horror fans have seen this classic, based on an H.P.Lovecraft story and directed by Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator). Starring the one and only Jeffery Combs. Its a killer movie so if by some chance you haven't seen it do so. Now, this soundtrack by Richard Band (Laserblast,Mutant, The Alchemist, The House on Sorority Row, Ghostwarrior, Ghoulies, Troll and The Day Time Ended) is also totally killer. This guy really knows how to drench a soundtrack with Synth, haha. Check it out. Great shit!


First of all this isn't the death metal band! This is a completely different entity all together. Though this great cover looks like an Anarcho punk/ D-beat record, its really just classic headbanging metal music. Great riffs and great vocals here, I think they could have gone much farther if this wasn't their only release, too bad, cause this is a really good one. Falling somewhere between power metal and speed metal, but with a very Classic metal vibe, along with very well written material. I don't have a clue what happen to these guys, they did get back together at one point I think and there is a Compilation CD of their stuff out there somewhere. Truly a great single, I dug all three songs, totally METAL!
1. No War
2. Listen to the Priest
3. Hot Fight


I would think this would need no introduction, if you haven't seen it you at least know what it is by now, either way there is plenty to love about this soundtrack. Most of the songs are at least somewhat humorous, some of them are pretty funky and weird. Even if you dislike the movie or movies like this, songs like "She's Got to Have it" and "Deeper and Deeper" are totally worth your time regardless! There both Lost Classics and always put a smile on my face and don't forget the completely ridiculous "Deep Throat to you all", retarded! Dig in audio perverts!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Here's a totally crazy one. My good buddy Chris Hutton gave me this one recently on vinyl, thanks Chris! Recorded in Africa with real Tribes people, this is a undeniably realistic document. Some of it is a little boring, but some tracks are very energetic, kind of heavy and almost scary, in a cannibal movie type of way. All around this is a really cool album and very interesting listening for those of you who are adventurous. This is a series, so if anyone else has the rest, I would love to hear them.


Here's a killer one I just ripped a few days ago, this one must be rare, because I couldn't find out anything worthwhile about it. I think I originally picked it up at a Flea market in Southern Indiana, but maybe not. Anyway this is a great version of the Frankenstein story and man what a great cover! The back of the album has a awesome black & white drawing of the artwork, for kids to color I suppose, thankfully mine is still clean. Enjoy!
Side One
Side Two

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