Monday, May 3, 2010


Here is volume 3 in my series of weird metal comps, hope you like this one as much as the last ones. Got another thrash comp coming soon too. My favorites here are Killer, Heaven, Axe, Rail and Black Alice. But I love all these tracks!...Bang your head until your dead!
1.Killer-Stronger than ever
2.Heaven-Don't go (where Angels fear to tread)
3.Madam X-High in High school
4.Axe-Rock 'n' Roll party in the street
5.Grave Digger-Heavy metal Breakdown
6.Renegade-Let it out
7.sword-Stoned Again
8.Vandenberg-On my feet again
9.Sacrifice-Dark Confusion
10.UDO-Animal house
11.Keel-Your the Victim
12.Thor-Thunder on the tundra
13.Hollywood Rose-Shadow of you love
14.Rail-Im your Man
15.Black Alice-Wings of Leather
16.Thrust-The wolf
17.Impelliteri-Playing with fire


Here is another one I ripped recently. I have been going through my singles and found some great kids records I had forgot about. So I've decided to start posting them. Here is the first. Just like most kids my age, I loved these little records, mostly because I loved the toys and the cartoon, but also because I loved stories, it was always awesome when someone told me a bedtime story or a cool scary story that kept me up all night, I wish I could still have that reaction. Anyway He-Man was one of my major childhood obsessions and still is high on my list even today, I was so happy when they finally made it to DVD. Anyway this is great little record that makes me long for the good ol'days, when I still had all my He-Man toys, sitting around a record player with my cousins, jamming He-Man and She-Ra stories and debating who we liked least Orko or Snarf...Enjoy!


Here is a really weird one I just picked up this weekend at the flea market with my dad. Dad insisted that I get this, not that I put up a fight, ha ha! None the less never a man to let a novelty record slip past him, he plopped down the whopping 3 bucks that it cost us to own this precious recording. When I got it home I ripped him a copy and gave it a listen. This is some pretty weird drunken redneck madness. Sometimes funny sometimes insulting to your intelligence. Not to be missed though. I really did enjoy listening to this, however I doubt I would ever play it again, unless I knew someone else that would enjoy it. My personal favorite would probably be the offensive "Big Bad Bruce". Thanks for this one dad, your the best!


Alrighty, I know its been awhile, sorry about that. I have just been very busy with my other hobbies and frankly I had started to get burned out on the old blog here. But never fear im back at last and to start things off, heres another GOBLIN mega post for you, I think I only have enough for one more so enjoy this one while it lasts. Here Goes!
Non Ho Sonno

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