Monday, May 3, 2010


Here is a really weird one I just picked up this weekend at the flea market with my dad. Dad insisted that I get this, not that I put up a fight, ha ha! None the less never a man to let a novelty record slip past him, he plopped down the whopping 3 bucks that it cost us to own this precious recording. When I got it home I ripped him a copy and gave it a listen. This is some pretty weird drunken redneck madness. Sometimes funny sometimes insulting to your intelligence. Not to be missed though. I really did enjoy listening to this, however I doubt I would ever play it again, unless I knew someone else that would enjoy it. My personal favorite would probably be the offensive "Big Bad Bruce". Thanks for this one dad, your the best!


  1. I totally agree, cooler than most I am very lucky in that department, and a I got an awesome mom too!
    How dod I end up so screwy?

  2. There's another Elmer Fudpucker one called "Damn D.O.T." that's fucking great. It's trucker tunes and the title track goes something like: "Oh the DOT, you motherfuckers - why do you pick on truckers - trying to make a living with each delivery - i got kids to feed and my wife needs shoes - when i think i'm gonna win, you make damn sure i lose - so go fuck yourselves - damn dot..."
    I also remember as near back as about 15 years ago there were benches in Nashville right around music row with adverts for hiring "the legendary Elmer Fudpucker..."

  3. Alan, wow man I gotta get that other album, sounds fucking great. I wonder if he still performs. I would totally love to record something with that dude!


    no "damn d.o.t" cassettes but you can order fudpucker boogie britches and various other sundries.

    says he will be playing select dates in US and Asia. oh jesus, please. he's doing an album at budokhan, i'll wager.



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