Monday, August 31, 2009


Man what an album, this one contains one of my absolute favorites monster songs "Mostly Ghostly", a fucking drop dead classic that makes me get up out of my seat every time it comes on, just to crank it up. Not all of this album is perfect but the good spots are so good that you don't notice the bad parts,well most of them anyway. Featuring the voice talents of Hanz Conried, who was the voice of Captain Hook in the classic Disney animated Peter Pan movie and also the voice of Snidely Whiplash on The Bullwinkle show. Alice Pearce does the female vocals here and I love the way she sings, its a perfect combination when their together. So many of the these songs are amazing, but I guess the best are "Mostly Ghostly", "The Dracula Trot" and "I'm in Love with the Creature from the Black Lagoon". Also I can't forget this great Jack Davis cover, what a piece of work,just fucking beautiful. A Halloween classic, don't miss out. rally
2.flying saucer
3.close the door
4.the Dracula trot
5.not of this earth
6.(I'm in love with) The Creature from the black lagoon
7.what do you hear from the red planet
8.the thing
9.mostly ghostly
10.the purple people eater
11.the invisible man
12.take us to your president


I had read about this one in the NWOBHM encyclopedia and always wanted to check it out. I was really pleased when I finally heard it. Very rocking shit! I don't really know to much about these dudes. The first track here is "Ronnie" is an OK ballad type track about a runaway named Ronnie, that should have never been the A-side, but still its not that bad. In fact I always play it when I jam this single, but the real Gem here is "Just on way" a killer rocker that totally has that NWOBHM feeling that I crave so much from these records. Very energetic stuff that delivers 100%. All and All a great single and I love that cover, Is that some kind of Heavy metal Jennie playing a flying V? WTF?..Anyway get this one now.
2.Just One Way


Amazing KBD style punk here. A great single by this English band. I don't know anything about them accept the music on this this single, which happens to be the only one the ever put out. Great punk shit, the a-side "I cant stand still" is a little better than the b-side, but both are pretty rocking. I doubt you'll be forking over the UN-godly asking price for this single any time soon, so take a listen and enjoy.
1.cant stand still reason for your call


Fucking great stuff here. An excellent single from Sweden's obscure SPITFIRE. Formed way back in 1978, I guess it took them a little longer than most to make it to the vinyl stage. But it was worth the wait in this case. This is their only single and their only other appearance I know of is on the awesome Scandinavian Metal Attack album, which everyone should have. I took the time to include those two tracks here also with the single. Their both great tracks too and shouldn't be missed. This is classic heavy metal rock 'n' roll played straight with tons of energy on display . All these songs seem to fly by and leave you wanting more. I love the raw vocals and the overall punk type production. Maybe these guys have a box full of old cassettes just waiting to be released, until then I guess this is the best your gonna get...Enjoy!

1.heavy rock'n'roller the night
3.eye of the storm
4.crazy living

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Let me just say that I love biker movies. I grew up watching them and I still cant get enough. My dad was a real life biker back in the day and we had alot of crazy biker parties at our house on the farm, too many to count and most of them were kind of like these movies, except no body got killed. Also later in life these movies helped me and my dad reconnected on a deeper friendship level, We watched them all over again and talked about all of them. Even now when I see a new one on DVD I have to get, just to give it to dear ol'Dad, ha ha. So I might be a little bias. Anyway, I thought I would throw up a few different soundtracks that I really liked, also I included one compilation here that may seem redundant if you grab all of these. Of course if you like biker rock or biker movies you should certainly check out my Simon Stokes post, Simon is the real deal 100%. I really meant to get off my ass and rip my Outlaw Riders soundtrack L.P. that Simon appears on, but that just didn't happen, maybe next time. Anyway these soundtracks are all very cool and just like the movies they are from, very different. All of them are worth a listen even if your not a fan of the movies, so CRANK YOUR BIKES!!!....AND RIDE!!!!.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DMZ - DMZ 1978+ DMZ -76-77 LIVE AND DEMO"S

What can I say about these albums that hasn't been said a thousand times. These are pretty popular albums, maybe the most popular I have posted, but still you rarely meet people who are into DMZ. I still remember where I was when I first heard there debut album, if that tells you anything about its quality. To me this is one of the best garage punk albums out there. I can here these guys in alot of bands from the 90's till now and I would bet some of them haven't even heard DMZ. If you don't know them already, they are a high energy garage punk band from Boston in the late 70's. These guys were covering The Sonics and The Troggs before The Mummies hit puberty, for fucks sake. Really this is amazing music and it always makes me feel good to hear there debut album. The drummer on this one is amazing, really amazing. Just a fucking pounder. All the music is well played and the songs are catchy as hell. The next album here is Live and Demos 77-78, this is a collection of rare tracks and live shit just like the title would imply. Theres some fantastic stuff here and some pretty mediocre stuff also, but if you dig that first L.P., then this is required listening. If you like garage, punk or even 70's rock you should have!
1.Mighty Idy
2.Bad Attitude
3.Watch for Me Girl
4.Cinderella (orig. recorded by The Sonics)
5.Don't Jump Me Mother
7.Baby Boom
8.Out of Our Tree (orig. recorded by The Wailers)
9.Border Line
10.Do Not Enter
11.From Home (orig. recorded by The Troggs
Demo's and live 77-76
1.Boy From Nowhere
2.Ball Me Out
3.First Time Is The Best Time
4.Teenage Head
7.Pretty Girls (Slow)
8.Shot Down
10.Bad Attitude
11.Don't Start Cryin' Now
12.Busy Man
13.From Home
14.Mighty Idy
15.Let's Talk About Girls
16.Pretty Girls (Fast)


Another killer punk platter for all you KBD and BLOODSTAINS freaks. Here we have the mighty DUCKY BOYS! First let me say there is another DUCKY BOYS out there, but I don't know anything about them. The first track on this one "I wanna be a Mercenary" is a blazer for sure, punk as fuck and catchy as hell. Truly classic. Next is "A little lovin tonight", this is an OK track but put up against the opener it doesn't stand a chance. Last is the killer "Hooked on junk", another blaster, full of punk Rock 'n' Roll anger. Also take a look at this cover, this has to be one of the more punk pics I have seen, these folks look like the only friends they got are each other. I love the chick, she looks like she's feed up and ready to kill, Travis Bickle style! Is that one guy in camouflage holding a hand grenade? WTF!? They almost look mean enough to be weird bikers,Ha. This one is not to be missed.

1.I wanna be a mercenary
2.A little lovin tonight
3.Hooked on junk

Friday, August 21, 2009


If your like me you seen Ad's for this record in old horror magazines and always wanted it(just like that damn life size John Zacherle poster). Well thanks to my good friend Stoney tombs who took time to rip this, you can finally have it. Stoney layed this masterpiece on me a while back, now I'm finally getting around to posting, for the monster kid in all of us. I know this album had a serious effect on Stoney. I personally only heard it as an adult, but I still think its awesome. Both stories here are great and very well done. At some point someone had to make this album, it was inevitable really. The voice of Dracula is very convincing unlike most of these records and the Frankenstein stuff is truly amazing. Anyway I'll shut up and let....FAMOUS MONSTERS SPEAK for themselves!!!!


I first heard this on one of those Japanese NWOBHM compilation that my friend Chris Hutton gave me,maybe volume four? Which is funny because these guys aren't NWOBHM, there from Sweden. Any way this is a real classic, I have heard it compared to BLACK SABBATH's "Die young", another song I love and it does have the same kind of feeling. This really is a special single. The A-side "Before the Rain" is the lesser of the two here. Its a mid paced rocker that never really goes anywhere and it pales in comparison to the B-side "Metal Breaker", which I fucking love! I have jammed this song to death since I first heard it. I dont know why it was on those NWOBHM comps but I'm glad I got to hear it. Check this one out for sure.
01. Before The Rain
02. Metal Breaker


Here's a great German metal record. I love German shit, but I cant believe more people haven't heard this record. This isn't as good as RUNNING WILD or HELLOWEEN but it's pretty damn close. There tons of energy and heavy German metal riffs. I love these dudes look and the cover of the album. You know just what your getting into with a cover like that and these guys can delver some great metal to back it up.The vocals are pretty raw and seem kind punk sometime, the rest of the band are solid, fast and pretty damn tight. There are a few really killer solo's on this one to. My only complaint is that its not more horror oriented, I mean with a name like VAMPYR! Anyway, over all this is very solid classic power metal.
1.Oath (Intro)
4.Hell Bent Angels
6.Mercy Killing0
7.Metal Hymn '86
9.Breaking Metal


OK so I know I have mentioned WARFARE here before and I personally think that they are required listening. Since none of there records are very hard to find I'm gonna post everything I have by them at once. If you already have all the WARFARE shit, then just move on to the next post and let those who are unaware of their greatness have a taste. Formed by drummer Evo(Angelic upstarts)in 1982. This is right up there with MOTORHEAD,TANK and VENOM as far as bad ass bands go. I got into WARFARE about Six or seven years ago I think. I love pretty much everything about this band,the look , the sound and I think they are the perfect blueprint for a punk metal band, A little bit VENOM and a little bit DISCHARGE, let's hear Donnie & Marie sing that one. My personal favorite here would probably be "Pure Filth" or "Metal Anarchy", but hell, all of them are killer. I could ramble on about this band for hours but but instead, you need to hear this... Here's what I got.

1. Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover) 2. Hell
3. Blown To Bits

1. Burn Down the Kings Road
2. New Age of Total Warfare
3. Noise, Filth and Fury


1. This Machine Kills
2. Burn down the kings road


1. Warning
2. Total Armageddon
3. This Machine Kills
4. Let The Show Go On
5. Breakout
6. Burn The Kings Road
7. New Age Of Total Warfare
8. Collision / Rabid Metal
9. Dance Of The Dead
10. Limit Crescendo
11. Rose Petals Fall From Her Face


1. Metal Anarchy
2. Rape
3. Burning Up
4. Destroy

1. Intro
2. Electric Mayhem
3. Warfare
4. Death Vigilence
5. Wrecked Society
6. Living For The Last Days
7. Disgrace
8. Military Shadow
9. Metal Anarchy
10.Psycho Express


1 Abortion Sequence
2. Hungry Dogs
3. Generator
4. You've Really Got Me
5. Ebony Dreams
6. Extreme Finance
7. Projectile Vomit
8. Mayhem, Fucking Mayhem
9. Atomic Slut
10. Machine Gun Breath
11. Murder On Melrose


1. Wax Works
2. Hate to Create
3. Revolution
4. Dancing in the Flames Of Insanity
5. Evolution
6. Fatal Vision
7. Deathcharge/Doomsday
8. Order of the Dragons
9. Elite Forces
10. Rejoice the Feast of Quarantine
11. Noise, Filth and Fury Requiem


1. Intro - Dracula Theme
2. Baron Frankenstein
3. A Velvet Rhapsody
4. Phantom Of The Opera
5. Scream Of The Vampire: Part 1
6. Vlad The Impaler
7. Scream Of The Vampire: Part 2
8. Funeral In Carpathia
9. Hammer Horror
10. Plague Of The Zombies
11. Ballad Of The Dead
12. A Solo Of Shadows
13. Prince Of Darkness
14. Tales Of The Gothic Genre
15. Dance Of The Dead
16. Phantom Of The Opera (Hammer House Of Horror Remix)

1. Deathcharge
2. Elite Forces
3. Fear Zone
4. Scream of the Vampire
5. Baron Frankenstein
6. Burn the Kings Road
7. Blown to Bits


Here's a true NWOBHM oddity, I cant say I have heard another band quite like these guys. You can take one look at their picture and tell their not your average English band. Formed in 1984 and split sometime after 1986. They only made this one album, but its a hell of a ride. This shit has a healthy sense of humour, but still manages to rock with a serious tone. Most of the songs here have funny subject matter, but the classic here is "Pigfeeder", when I first heard this one I was hooked and must have played it at least four times in a row. The rest of these tracks have hard time living up to the promise of the first track, but there are still some good songs here. Just gotta mention real quick that this album cover has to be one of the best I have seen from a NWOBHM band and surly caused some controversy at the time. Ilove it! Get this one if you dare...PIGFEEDER!
1. Pigfeeder!
2. Time Machine
3. Nine Inches of God!
4. The Poison Lake
5. The Dark Angel
6. Lovers of the Dream
7. Poor Bastard!
8. Spinning on the Wheel


My good friend Alan at Black Teeth and Busted Dreams posted about this album, so since I had it I thought I would post the music. I don't have much info on it, all I can say is that its a Peter Pan record, It has a killer cover and that I paid about a 2 bucks for the copy I got about 10 years ago. Sadly some little bastard out there already completed the maze on the back with red crayon, damn it. This features a version(not the original Bobby "Boris" Pickett version) of "Monster Mash" and slew of other wacky novelty songs like "Witch doctor" "Purple people eater" and even a version of John Zacherle's "Dinner with Drac". All in all this is a great Halloween record and pretty damn entertaining and apparently had a profound effect on my friend Alan. See what you think!

1.Monster Mash
2. Purple People Eater
3. Feet Up, Pat 'em on the Po-Po
4. Itsy Bitsy,Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini
5. The Little Blue Man
6. The Witch Doctor
7. Dinner with Drac
8. Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight?
9. Mama Look, a Boo-Boo
10. Big Bad John


One of the first Horror albums out there, this put an artistic face on the b- horror craze of the 50's while still playing for the monster kiddies. Many classics are present as interpreted by Dick Jacobs and his orchestra. Great tracks from movies like "Son of Dracula", "This Island Earth" and "The Deadly Mantis". B-movie gold! This was a one of a kind type album in 1959 and remained one of the only albums that contained music from Horror films for some time. Still a classic today, this also features the voice work of the fabulous Bob McFadden of Bob McFadden and DOR fame, another album I keep meaning to post here. Set back and give this one a spin dude!

01.The Son Of Dracula
02.The Incredible Shrinking Man
03.This Island Earth (Shooting Stars)
04.The Mole People
05.The House Of Frankenstien
06.The Horror Of Dracula (Feast Of Blood)
07.The Creature From The Black Lagoon
08.It Came From Outer Space
09.The Creature Walks Among Us
10.The Deadly Mantis
12.The Horror Of Dracula (Main Title)
13.The Revenge Of The Creature
14.This Island Earth (Main Title)


Great fucking single here in the WARFARE and VENOM type vein. Formed in 1979, this is their only single and only real release from the era. They have since gotten back together and release and E.P. This is killer stuff and any self respecting metal fan should give this a listen. The first track "Eatin Alive" is a killer fast pace throw down. I wish more NWOBHM single sounded lie this. Next is another classic slasher called "Raiders".
1.Eatin alive

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Great fucking piece of vinyl here by London's BADGER. I read about this one in the NWOBHM encyclopedia years ago. Its really a killer single and if you like this kind of shit,you need this. First track "Over the wall" is a scorcher. Straight forward NWOBHM with rougher vocals. This has more in common with WARFARE than with PRAYING MANTIS, plus a hint of early IRON MAIDEN if that means anything to you, Ha Ha. Next is "Faceless Gang" a mid pace ripper with cool lyrics and a catchy chorus. Then we come to the live track "Runaway", yet another killer track on this awesome single and I bet these dudes had to be great live judging from this cut. It's kind of a blues rocker that actually reminds me of SPIDER or HAMMERHEAD. They have another single from 85 that I'm still looking for, anybody got any clues? Good stuff all around. Get this one you wont be sorry.

1.Over The Wall
2.Faceless Gang
3.Runaway (Live)

PACK - PACK 1978 (GER)

Man I love this fucking album. It's one of my top ten favorite punk records ever and its hard as hell to find info on. There's not a bad track on this monster and their are plenty of garage acts that would give their balls to sound this good. The vocals are probably what I like most here, but the music kicks major ass too. I have heard a ton of bands cover songs from this album and I always wonder how they found it, personally I stumbled across it at Cut Corner In Lexington,Ky almost by accident sometime after it got re-released. Late 90's I guess, maybe? Anyway this one is from 1978. These dudes released the first punk single in Germany and this singer went on to be the head of GEMA , if you know what that is. I would love to know what he thinks about this record now. My fave here is "Looking for danger" hands down It's a flat out classic, but this whole album is killer punk, do not miss out!

1. We Better get ready
2. Nobody can tell us
3. Looking for danger
4. What will be if you're seventy
5. Working for one holiday
6. Riots
7. Destroy the illusions
8. Robot
9. Remote controlled
10. Terrorist
11. No Show
12. Com'on


Here we have an album that I'm sure at least a few of you have heard and some of you own. I had heard their name long before tracking down this album. Formed in 1972, this is their first full length album. They did have a demo in 79,which I don't have(if anyone does,please let me know). Taking their name from J.R.R. Tolkien like so many back then and now, I don't really know what these dudes were doing from 72 to 79, but this album was worth the wait and it's a damn heavy album for 1980. I have to be honest here and say that at first I didn't really love this record when I finally heard it, I thought it was good but I had read alot of hype about it and Tim Baker's vocals took a little getting used to. After just a few repeat listen's I was hooked though. This has alot in common musically with Judas Priest from the same era and that's what it reminded me of at first. Also there's kinda of a Manilla road/early Manowar vibe here. This is still in the heavy 70's mold, which I love and you should at least take the time to hear it if you call yourself a metal head. The playing here is top notch and the vocals are really awesome after getting used to them and so are the solo's. Lyrical content should be pretty obvious by the song titles. The correct way of pronouncing the name Cirith Ungol is kee'reeth oo'ngol, but the band pronounce it with a soft "c" if you were wondering. Of course I love this fucking cover, who wouldn't and every track here is good here, so get it already.

1.Frost and Fire
2.I'm Alive
3.A Little Fire
4.What Does It Take
5.Edge of a Knife
6.Better Off Dead
7.Maybe That's Why


First let me say that I doubt any of you know who Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001) is right off the bat, but I bet alot of you have heard her work. She's the genius behind the original DR.WHO theme. She didn't write the track but she remade it and tweaked it into the electro monster that it is. I loved the sound of this theme when I was younger and have gone back to it several times and I always hear something different. Delia composed electronic music and was a master at tape cutting and looping. She worked for the BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP for years and churned out tons of sounds for their sound library. In 1959 she applied for a position at Decca Records only to be told that the company did not employ women in their recording studios, Their fucking loss dude! Thankfully she didn't give up and found a home at the BBC some years later. This album called DREAMS, really creeped me out the first time I heard it. I was listening to it on headphones and had just smoked a big ass joint. I went from intrigued to frightened in about 2 minutes. The track "Running" has got to be my favorite and sometimes little snippets of it get stuck in my head for days. I also included a link for the album "An Electric Storm" by WHITE NOISE which featured collaborations with Derbyshire and BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP alumni Brian Hodgson and is now considered an important and influential album in the development of electronic music, many would say it was 20 years ahead of its time. She left the BBC in 1972, She still maneged to contribute to soundtrack here and there, like The Legend of Hell House soundtrack. There is an amazing fucking documentary about the BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP called "The Alchemists of Sound", look for it if you get a chance. You can watch it on you tube I think, It;s very interesting and informative. I was surprised how many random TV and movie sounds I take for granted and the fact that someone spent there life making this kind of shit is out of this world. This is for the adventurous listener only. This is music, but not the kind your use to. Check it out!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here's a good piece of NWOBHM wax from 1985, cant say there's to much info out there about these guys, but this is a really good single and these dudes have been tragically overlooked.
There's not a bad track on this one and they can write a damn good song. The stuff on here varies in style a little bit, but still these guys are talented enough to make it work. Check it out now!
1.Devil Takes the High Road
2.Love After Midnight
3.Shoot To Kill


This is a killer BLOODSTAINS, KILLED BY DEATH rocker from these Long Island,NY punks. I read about this one first and had to track it down. This walks the fine line of racial humour, much like REAGAN YOUTH did. There are even some seig heils, but don't let that fool, you just like REAGAN YOUTH, there making their point with sarcasm, the song is really about our school system. I think sarcasm is something totally lacking into today's punk rock rule book for sure. Seems like bands today are just scared to death of Nazi subject matter, even when its directed towards our government or police, whatever! Killer military type drums kick off the title track "Nazi school", which just flat out rips, has a great chorus and is damn catchy all the way through. Next we got a punked out cover of "Judy in disguise" which is pretty pointless, but also painless, I even found myself bopping along with it at some point. Get this for the title track and you wont be fucking sorry. (Well in this case you will be sorry,ha ha. There was a problem with the file so I re-uploaded it, thanks for the heads up Mike.)

1.Nazi school
2.Judy in disguise


Man here's a great one I had never heard of until a few days ago when my friend Professor Black sent a couple tracks my way. His description was "Heavy metal Misfits" and that's pretty damn accurate. This really does sound like a metal MISFITS, I don't mean like the later DANZIG stuff ,literally it sounds like a metal version of the New Jersey gods. Formed in 1982 in Cleveland ,Ohio(a hot bed of cool unheard bands apparently). The music here is more metal and played about a thousand times better than the MISFITS. I'm not saying I like this better than the MISFITS, which I love, I'm just saying they know how to play their instruments. Don't worry this is not the same ol' 5th generation horror punk bullshit were all good and tired of, this is from 1985 and it kills dude. These guys had to be big on Glenn and his crew, from the cover of the album, to the song titles and music, you can tell they were huge fans. The song 'Blood is the harvest" is the best one here, but give the rest of them a chance to grow on you and it will.

1.Blood Is The Harvest
2.White Zombie
3.Monster Nation
4.Burn Witch, Burn
5.Outside Your Window
6.Island Of Lost Souls

Friday, August 14, 2009


OK I don't know much about these two, but you should certainly give them a listen. This is for the dormant sadist/masochist in all of us. Torture sounds abound, this is like no other record. Here you have two classic recordings focusing on whipping, beating, spanking and other sadistic fetish type behavior. The ooh's and aah's are especially over the top. Its hard to believe these came out in 1965. What the hell was going on in the 60's? This just further proves our society is not getting worse, we were fucked to start with. The title really say's it all. Crank this up loud at 2 am and see if anyone calls the cops...Enjoy the torture!
volume 1

volume 2

yasmin lawsuit