Sunday, August 16, 2009


Man here's a great one I had never heard of until a few days ago when my friend Professor Black sent a couple tracks my way. His description was "Heavy metal Misfits" and that's pretty damn accurate. This really does sound like a metal MISFITS, I don't mean like the later DANZIG stuff ,literally it sounds like a metal version of the New Jersey gods. Formed in 1982 in Cleveland ,Ohio(a hot bed of cool unheard bands apparently). The music here is more metal and played about a thousand times better than the MISFITS. I'm not saying I like this better than the MISFITS, which I love, I'm just saying they know how to play their instruments. Don't worry this is not the same ol' 5th generation horror punk bullshit were all good and tired of, this is from 1985 and it kills dude. These guys had to be big on Glenn and his crew, from the cover of the album, to the song titles and music, you can tell they were huge fans. The song 'Blood is the harvest" is the best one here, but give the rest of them a chance to grow on you and it will.

1.Blood Is The Harvest
2.White Zombie
3.Monster Nation
4.Burn Witch, Burn
5.Outside Your Window
6.Island Of Lost Souls


  1. I have this record! When Bill Radnt was drumming for us he saw it at my house and said he used to see them in Cleveland all the time. I dig this record too.



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