Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DMZ - DMZ 1978+ DMZ -76-77 LIVE AND DEMO"S

What can I say about these albums that hasn't been said a thousand times. These are pretty popular albums, maybe the most popular I have posted, but still you rarely meet people who are into DMZ. I still remember where I was when I first heard there debut album, if that tells you anything about its quality. To me this is one of the best garage punk albums out there. I can here these guys in alot of bands from the 90's till now and I would bet some of them haven't even heard DMZ. If you don't know them already, they are a high energy garage punk band from Boston in the late 70's. These guys were covering The Sonics and The Troggs before The Mummies hit puberty, for fucks sake. Really this is amazing music and it always makes me feel good to hear there debut album. The drummer on this one is amazing, really amazing. Just a fucking pounder. All the music is well played and the songs are catchy as hell. The next album here is Live and Demos 77-78, this is a collection of rare tracks and live shit just like the title would imply. Theres some fantastic stuff here and some pretty mediocre stuff also, but if you dig that first L.P., then this is required listening. If you like garage, punk or even 70's rock you should have this...now!
1.Mighty Idy
2.Bad Attitude
3.Watch for Me Girl
4.Cinderella (orig. recorded by The Sonics)
5.Don't Jump Me Mother
7.Baby Boom
8.Out of Our Tree (orig. recorded by The Wailers)
9.Border Line
10.Do Not Enter
11.From Home (orig. recorded by The Troggs
Demo's and live 77-76
1.Boy From Nowhere
2.Ball Me Out
3.First Time Is The Best Time
4.Teenage Head
7.Pretty Girls (Slow)
8.Shot Down
10.Bad Attitude
11.Don't Start Cryin' Now
12.Busy Man
13.From Home
14.Mighty Idy
15.Let's Talk About Girls
16.Pretty Girls (Fast)


  1. Maybe the best blog of all time, your out of your mind.

  2. you don't meet people who are into DMZ? Then you ned to move, my friend!



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