Sunday, August 9, 2009


Formed in 1981, this Japanese thrash act is still around today, sadly none of their other records match this one, but their still kicking. This sounds kind of like a more thrash RUNNING WILD mixed with W.A.S.P. on a sped up cassette. Apparently they started as a JUDAS PRIEST cover band, which I don't really see, beside the name. Each track actually has a different sound in a way, they sound like the same band but in different metal styles. The first track "Sniper" has got to be my favorite here. Its the best track on this E.P. and is worth the time to take a listen. The other two tracks are very strong and make this a really great piece of wax. You should totally give it a spin and if your wondering....NO! they don't hate metal. Destroy Metal is the kind of metal that they play. Think Black Metal, Speed Metal, Punk Metal....Destroy Metal!


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