Sunday, August 9, 2009


Another KILLED BY DEATH style stomper. These Akron, Ohio monsters are classic punk with tons of bad attitude and misguided anger. I'm sure things were tough in Akron in 78, because a hell of alot of great punk came out of Ohio in the 70's. Real quick I have to mention the mustache and big sunglasses, that almost always guarantees a good piece of vinyl. First up is "Laser boys" a straight forward punk rocker that will please most any K.B.D. fan and the best track here hands down. Then next is "It hurts Janey", which is a little more art rock and at times reminds me of ALICE COOPER. Last is "A New Order" which remind me of IGGY a little and some other more arty new york bands ,But don't let that scare you off this is still a great single. See what you think.
1.Laser boys
2.It hurts, Janey
3.A new order


  1. just found an OG bizzaros single in an akron record store called square records. on the clone label. guy behind the counter told me someone had found a box of old clone records stuff in his basement and turned them over to the shop. the single has no cover, it is from 80 or 81 and is a very strange new wave-ish 4 song ep. not exactly what i would call punk but i do call it worth the mere $4 i paid for it. here's a link to the shop.

  2. Missed this post with a couple of years or so, could you please re-up?!



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