Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is a kick ass record and one of the most consistent bands I have ever heard like this. This smokes the majority of garage punk bands from the era. These dude should have been huge, but we all know real rock 'n' roll never wins. Great catchy songs and ton of attitude, this is up there with the first DAMNED album or SKREWDRIVER's "All skrewed up", I mean fucking classic. If you like rock 'n' roll or punk this is a must have. This rips straight out of the gate with "Teenage lifestyle" and it never lets up. These dudes could almost be on the classic BACK FROM THE GRAVE comps, this shit sounds so good. "Baby dontcha tell me" is my favorite here, but there really isn't a bad track. Get this now if you haven't heard it, this is some good stuff.

1. Teenage Lifestyle
2. Baby Dontcha Tell Me
3. No.1 Band In Town
4. Shopping Bag
5. Rock-N-Roll Face
6. The Scandalizer (Live)
7. Gotta Have Her
8. Life Stinks
9. Your So-Called Friends
10. Stop Action
11. Love Ya Honey
12. Warlord
13. Intro
14. Drive Me Crazy
15. It's My Life
16. Sweet Soul Music (Live)
17. (I Like) Brooklyn
18. I Call That Love Too
19. Everybody Needs Lovin'



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