Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I love this demo and I love this band. Formed in 1981, BROCAS HELM is one of those rare bands that just flat out kicked me in the nuts the first time I heard them. Their "Black Death L.P." is one of my all time favorites. So I thought I would throw this little rarity out for you guys to check out. I'm sure more than a few of you have heard these guys or at least heard of them, I know I heard about them years before actually hearing their records. Apparently these dudes had some record label trouble and people didn't have much interest in them at the time, Which blows my mind, but also confirms everything I believe about most labels and music fans, they only like what there told to. Anyway these guys ultimately had to finance a real album by themselves. Thank Satan that they did or I might not be able to hear this awesome music. This demo kicks thing off with classic tracks like "Into Battle", "Here to rock" and the fucking amazing "Beneath the haunted moon". This demo has alot of energy and is a little chaotic at times, not as much as their first album, but still its a little wild. If you dig this , do yourself a favor and get their first L.P. called "Black Death", you will shit your brain! Amazing!
1.Into Battle
2.Into the Ithilstone
3.Here to Rock
5.Beneath a Haunted Moon

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  1. Fan-fucking-tastic! I have their other albums but I've never heard the demos. Thanks very much.



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