Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Great fucking piece of vinyl here by London's BADGER. I read about this one in the NWOBHM encyclopedia years ago. Its really a killer single and if you like this kind of shit,you need this. First track "Over the wall" is a scorcher. Straight forward NWOBHM with rougher vocals. This has more in common with WARFARE than with PRAYING MANTIS, plus a hint of early IRON MAIDEN if that means anything to you, Ha Ha. Next is "Faceless Gang" a mid pace ripper with cool lyrics and a catchy chorus. Then we come to the live track "Runaway", yet another killer track on this awesome single and I bet these dudes had to be great live judging from this cut. It's kind of a blues rocker that actually reminds me of SPIDER or HAMMERHEAD. They have another single from 85 that I'm still looking for, anybody got any clues? Good stuff all around. Get this one you wont be sorry.

1.Over The Wall
2.Faceless Gang
3.Runaway (Live)

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