Friday, August 21, 2009


Here's a true NWOBHM oddity, I cant say I have heard another band quite like these guys. You can take one look at their picture and tell their not your average English band. Formed in 1984 and split sometime after 1986. They only made this one album, but its a hell of a ride. This shit has a healthy sense of humour, but still manages to rock with a serious tone. Most of the songs here have funny subject matter, but the classic here is "Pigfeeder", when I first heard this one I was hooked and must have played it at least four times in a row. The rest of these tracks have hard time living up to the promise of the first track, but there are still some good songs here. Just gotta mention real quick that this album cover has to be one of the best I have seen from a NWOBHM band and surly caused some controversy at the time. Ilove it! Get this one if you dare...PIGFEEDER!
1. Pigfeeder!
2. Time Machine
3. Nine Inches of God!
4. The Poison Lake
5. The Dark Angel
6. Lovers of the Dream
7. Poor Bastard!
8. Spinning on the Wheel

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