Friday, August 21, 2009


If your like me you seen Ad's for this record in old horror magazines and always wanted it(just like that damn life size John Zacherle poster). Well thanks to my good friend Stoney tombs who took time to rip this, you can finally have it. Stoney layed this masterpiece on me a while back, now I'm finally getting around to posting, for the monster kid in all of us. I know this album had a serious effect on Stoney. I personally only heard it as an adult, but I still think its awesome. Both stories here are great and very well done. At some point someone had to make this album, it was inevitable really. The voice of Dracula is very convincing unlike most of these records and the Frankenstein stuff is truly amazing. Anyway I'll shut up and let....FAMOUS MONSTERS SPEAK for themselves!!!!

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