Tuesday, August 18, 2009

PACK - PACK 1978 (GER)

Man I love this fucking album. It's one of my top ten favorite punk records ever and its hard as hell to find info on. There's not a bad track on this monster and their are plenty of garage acts that would give their balls to sound this good. The vocals are probably what I like most here, but the music kicks major ass too. I have heard a ton of bands cover songs from this album and I always wonder how they found it, personally I stumbled across it at Cut Corner In Lexington,Ky almost by accident sometime after it got re-released. Late 90's I guess, maybe? Anyway this one is from 1978. These dudes released the first punk single in Germany and this singer went on to be the head of GEMA , if you know what that is. I would love to know what he thinks about this record now. My fave here is "Looking for danger" hands down It's a flat out classic, but this whole album is killer punk, do not miss out!

1. We Better get ready
2. Nobody can tell us
3. Looking for danger
4. What will be if you're seventy
5. Working for one holiday
6. Riots
7. Destroy the illusions
8. Robot
9. Remote controlled
10. Terrorist
11. No Show
12. Com'on

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I got the vinyl reissue, but I need it for my iTunes! This record rules. Have you seen the movie they were in where they do No Body Can Tell Us and Com'on?



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