Friday, August 21, 2009


I first heard this on one of those Japanese NWOBHM compilation that my friend Chris Hutton gave me,maybe volume four? Which is funny because these guys aren't NWOBHM, there from Sweden. Any way this is a real classic, I have heard it compared to BLACK SABBATH's "Die young", another song I love and it does have the same kind of feeling. This really is a special single. The A-side "Before the Rain" is the lesser of the two here. Its a mid paced rocker that never really goes anywhere and it pales in comparison to the B-side "Metal Breaker", which I fucking love! I have jammed this song to death since I first heard it. I dont know why it was on those NWOBHM comps but I'm glad I got to hear it. Check this one out for sure.
01. Before The Rain
02. Metal Breaker

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