Monday, August 3, 2009


Fucking Christ this is a good one. My friend Professor Black turned me on to this one earlier this year and not a week has gone by that I didn't give it a spin, damn fucking good. This is very melodic NWOBHM style stuff, while these dudes aren't English, they would have fit the scene perfectly and if you like that kind of metal this is right up your alley. Very catchy songs that all well written and have some serious hooks. This is far above your average metal record and you don't find that very often and this cover, I mean wow WTF? I couldn't believe it the first time I seen it and the only thing better is the photo of them, was it a band decision to have matching mustache's? Anyway I couldn't really find out shit about these guys, they have demo after this single ,so if anyone has that, please let me know. Good luck actually purchasing this one, please someone re-issue something by this band, until then enjoy!

1.shadows are falling
2.the beast

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  1. I thought no band could ever look as perfectly dorky as White Witch did on their debut album, but these guys pulled it off! Guy on the right kinda looks like Phil "The Animal" Taylor, too.



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