Friday, August 21, 2009


One of the first Horror albums out there, this put an artistic face on the b- horror craze of the 50's while still playing for the monster kiddies. Many classics are present as interpreted by Dick Jacobs and his orchestra. Great tracks from movies like "Son of Dracula", "This Island Earth" and "The Deadly Mantis". B-movie gold! This was a one of a kind type album in 1959 and remained one of the only albums that contained music from Horror films for some time. Still a classic today, this also features the voice work of the fabulous Bob McFadden of Bob McFadden and DOR fame, another album I keep meaning to post here. Set back and give this one a spin dude!

01.The Son Of Dracula
02.The Incredible Shrinking Man
03.This Island Earth (Shooting Stars)
04.The Mole People
05.The House Of Frankenstien
06.The Horror Of Dracula (Feast Of Blood)
07.The Creature From The Black Lagoon
08.It Came From Outer Space
09.The Creature Walks Among Us
10.The Deadly Mantis
12.The Horror Of Dracula (Main Title)
13.The Revenge Of The Creature
14.This Island Earth (Main Title)


  1. I had always seen this advertised in Famous Monsters magazine when I was a kid (obviously a long time ago), but could never afford it. Thanks a lot.



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