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I'm basking in my inner nerd with this post but, I love these recordings. What got me into this stuff was the Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry Flexi discs. I love Scary sound effect and story albums and I had actually heard of these before and wanted them. While looking for them I stumbled across several others. At some point I asked resident monster stuff expert Stoney Tombs about them and he coughed up the amazing Count Morbida Flexi from his own collection, thanks man. All of these are Worth a listen and might jog some childhood memories out there. So get out your bowl of cereal and lets get on with it.

First we got the Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Frankenberry Flexi Featuring three tracks. We start this thing off with "Monsters in outer space", which is nothing less than amazing. Here are some int resting tidbits from this audio revelation. Frankenberry sleeps with a teddy bear, the monster live in "Monster Mansion", they get inside a flying pink marshmallow that takes them to space, on the way to planet "Moxy", where all the teddy bears are born, they battle a evil villain named "IGNOROID" to free the teddy bears. The "IGNOROID" only fears one thing, three weird looking monsters...OK? Of course "The Monsters go Disco" and "Count Chocula goes to Hollywood" are just as crazy. I think Its strange that the Monster are so active, their always going somewhere, anyway I'll let you find out the rest on your own, if you dare.

Next is the KRAFT "A Spooky Halloween Story" Flexi from 1978. This one delivers 100%, With cool effexts at the end, a neat little story for the kiddies and valuable lesson to be learned. I will not spoil the story for you but its a damn cool in a basic kind of way. Kraft should have really made more recordings.

Here we have the infamous "Count Morbida's Chamber of horrors" from Dynamite magazine in 1975, as I said earlier Mr.Stoney Tombs sent me this and has the original, Damn you Stoney! Your always one step ahead. This is a great little Flexi and has higher production values than most of these. If you read Dynamite magazine as a kid, then you will probably remember this character, he always made an appearance around Halloween.

Next up is the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Flexi from HONEYCOMB. I love this one. Its a great story and is honestly kind of frighting. they run through the whole story in record time and get all the details into only 3:15, crazy. This is a damn good one and that cover is insane. I just peer into it sometimes wonder how do you make something this cool.. Check it out.
This one was put out by PICKWICK 1978. Another great story Flexi, this one retreads the "Sleepy Hollow" theme and add an original b-side that is really awesome. One of the best and most ominous Flexi tracks out there. This one is creepy as hell and seems very angry. Great stuff here.

Last up is "Haunted House" from ALPHA BITS, Its a great little story flexi with a heavy tone and good sound effects. This one is played pretty straight and is almost scary. I never liked ALPHA BITS though, I don't even remember what they looked like, I remember the box just not the cereal. Very neato here stuff...Enjoy!

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