Sunday, August 16, 2009


This is a killer BLOODSTAINS, KILLED BY DEATH rocker from these Long Island,NY punks. I read about this one first and had to track it down. This walks the fine line of racial humour, much like REAGAN YOUTH did. There are even some seig heils, but don't let that fool, you just like REAGAN YOUTH, there making their point with sarcasm, the song is really about our school system. I think sarcasm is something totally lacking into today's punk rock rule book for sure. Seems like bands today are just scared to death of Nazi subject matter, even when its directed towards our government or police, whatever! Killer military type drums kick off the title track "Nazi school", which just flat out rips, has a great chorus and is damn catchy all the way through. Next we got a punked out cover of "Judy in disguise" which is pretty pointless, but also painless, I even found myself bopping along with it at some point. Get this for the title track and you wont be fucking sorry. (Well in this case you will be sorry,ha ha. There was a problem with the file so I re-uploaded it, thanks for the heads up Mike.)

1.Nazi school
2.Judy in disguise


  1. maaaaaaan! this is such a great single!!! love it!

  2. I can't get the first track to play past the first few I the only one?
    the cover of Judy in Disguise is great though!!

  3. whhoohoo! thanks for fixin that! Awesome single!!

    hey, I'm gonna post my video of you destroying the CD cases at the Sound Exchange in Texas soon on youtube. Be on the lookout!



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