Monday, August 31, 2009


Fucking great stuff here. An excellent single from Sweden's obscure SPITFIRE. Formed way back in 1978, I guess it took them a little longer than most to make it to the vinyl stage. But it was worth the wait in this case. This is their only single and their only other appearance I know of is on the awesome Scandinavian Metal Attack album, which everyone should have. I took the time to include those two tracks here also with the single. Their both great tracks too and shouldn't be missed. This is classic heavy metal rock 'n' roll played straight with tons of energy on display . All these songs seem to fly by and leave you wanting more. I love the raw vocals and the overall punk type production. Maybe these guys have a box full of old cassettes just waiting to be released, until then I guess this is the best your gonna get...Enjoy!

1.heavy rock'n'roller the night
3.eye of the storm
4.crazy living


  1. Man, I love you! Thank you so much for this file!! I spent hours searching for it! :D

  2. errr..... the link is down.



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