Monday, August 31, 2009


I had read about this one in the NWOBHM encyclopedia and always wanted to check it out. I was really pleased when I finally heard it. Very rocking shit! I don't really know to much about these dudes. The first track here is "Ronnie" is an OK ballad type track about a runaway named Ronnie, that should have never been the A-side, but still its not that bad. In fact I always play it when I jam this single, but the real Gem here is "Just on way" a killer rocker that totally has that NWOBHM feeling that I crave so much from these records. Very energetic stuff that delivers 100%. All and All a great single and I love that cover, Is that some kind of Heavy metal Jennie playing a flying V? WTF?..Anyway get this one now.
2.Just One Way

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