Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here we have an album that I'm sure at least a few of you have heard and some of you own. I had heard their name long before tracking down this album. Formed in 1972, this is their first full length album. They did have a demo in 79,which I don't have(if anyone does,please let me know). Taking their name from J.R.R. Tolkien like so many back then and now, I don't really know what these dudes were doing from 72 to 79, but this album was worth the wait and it's a damn heavy album for 1980. I have to be honest here and say that at first I didn't really love this record when I finally heard it, I thought it was good but I had read alot of hype about it and Tim Baker's vocals took a little getting used to. After just a few repeat listen's I was hooked though. This has alot in common musically with Judas Priest from the same era and that's what it reminded me of at first. Also there's kinda of a Manilla road/early Manowar vibe here. This is still in the heavy 70's mold, which I love and you should at least take the time to hear it if you call yourself a metal head. The playing here is top notch and the vocals are really awesome after getting used to them and so are the solo's. Lyrical content should be pretty obvious by the song titles. The correct way of pronouncing the name Cirith Ungol is kee'reeth oo'ngol, but the band pronounce it with a soft "c" if you were wondering. Of course I love this fucking cover, who wouldn't and every track here is good here, so get it already.

1.Frost and Fire
2.I'm Alive
3.A Little Fire
4.What Does It Take
5.Edge of a Knife
6.Better Off Dead
7.Maybe That's Why


  1. I have the oneway records CD issue of this from the early 90s. I'd forgotten about this record. The music's not as good as the cover, but how could it be?

  2. You ever hear their song "Death of the Sun"? CLASSIC!!!!!

  3. Jeff, yeah man thats a good one , I have it on Metal Massacre volume one I think, great track.



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