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OK so I know I have mentioned WARFARE here before and I personally think that they are required listening. Since none of there records are very hard to find I'm gonna post everything I have by them at once. If you already have all the WARFARE shit, then just move on to the next post and let those who are unaware of their greatness have a taste. Formed by drummer Evo(Angelic upstarts)in 1982. This is right up there with MOTORHEAD,TANK and VENOM as far as bad ass bands go. I got into WARFARE about Six or seven years ago I think. I love pretty much everything about this band,the look , the sound and I think they are the perfect blueprint for a punk metal band, A little bit VENOM and a little bit DISCHARGE, let's hear Donnie & Marie sing that one. My personal favorite here would probably be "Pure Filth" or "Metal Anarchy", but hell, all of them are killer. I could ramble on about this band for hours but but instead, you need to hear this... Here's what I got.

1. Two Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover) 2. Hell
3. Blown To Bits

1. Burn Down the Kings Road
2. New Age of Total Warfare
3. Noise, Filth and Fury


1. This Machine Kills
2. Burn down the kings road


1. Warning
2. Total Armageddon
3. This Machine Kills
4. Let The Show Go On
5. Breakout
6. Burn The Kings Road
7. New Age Of Total Warfare
8. Collision / Rabid Metal
9. Dance Of The Dead
10. Limit Crescendo
11. Rose Petals Fall From Her Face


1. Metal Anarchy
2. Rape
3. Burning Up
4. Destroy

1. Intro
2. Electric Mayhem
3. Warfare
4. Death Vigilence
5. Wrecked Society
6. Living For The Last Days
7. Disgrace
8. Military Shadow
9. Metal Anarchy
10.Psycho Express


1 Abortion Sequence
2. Hungry Dogs
3. Generator
4. You've Really Got Me
5. Ebony Dreams
6. Extreme Finance
7. Projectile Vomit
8. Mayhem, Fucking Mayhem
9. Atomic Slut
10. Machine Gun Breath
11. Murder On Melrose


1. Wax Works
2. Hate to Create
3. Revolution
4. Dancing in the Flames Of Insanity
5. Evolution
6. Fatal Vision
7. Deathcharge/Doomsday
8. Order of the Dragons
9. Elite Forces
10. Rejoice the Feast of Quarantine
11. Noise, Filth and Fury Requiem


1. Intro - Dracula Theme
2. Baron Frankenstein
3. A Velvet Rhapsody
4. Phantom Of The Opera
5. Scream Of The Vampire: Part 1
6. Vlad The Impaler
7. Scream Of The Vampire: Part 2
8. Funeral In Carpathia
9. Hammer Horror
10. Plague Of The Zombies
11. Ballad Of The Dead
12. A Solo Of Shadows
13. Prince Of Darkness
14. Tales Of The Gothic Genre
15. Dance Of The Dead
16. Phantom Of The Opera (Hammer House Of Horror Remix)

1. Deathcharge
2. Elite Forces
3. Fear Zone
4. Scream of the Vampire
5. Baron Frankenstein
6. Burn the Kings Road
7. Blown to Bits

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