Sunday, August 9, 2009


Here's a good piece of punk metal. I first heard these dudes on the Metal Massacre V comp and had to track down this album. This lost 80's relic certainly deserves to be heard. Formed in 82 and split after 87. Again you see some big sunglasses in the picture and this time a cool dog even, I think I'm on to something. Hailing from Everett, Washington of all places. Parts of this remind me of BEOWULF, who I posted Earlier and also a dash of D.R.I. and ENGLISH DOGS. This is defiantly in the crossover vein, with some very punk vocals and back ups. They don't have the same tone that alot of crossover bands do though, there are cheesy lyrics about 80's right wing religious types, War, Incest and a cool Horror movie type vibe in some of the tracks. This thrashes pretty fucking hard and would be great after a night of drugs and alcohol. The best tracks here are "Gutripper", "Intent to kill" and "The evil in good". The rest are good just, not as good. Now get in the PIT!
2.Intent to Kill
3.The Evil in good
4.Daddy's Girl
6.Thinning the Herd
7.Choose Your God
8.When the Screaming Stops
9.Poison Gasses
10.Blonde Obsession

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  1. thanks for the awesome review. BTW MACE is back together and you can hear our new track as well as all the others on screen name el mustango. my other band Bigtop is on there as well. enjoy! Kirk Verhey



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