Monday, August 31, 2009


Man what an album, this one contains one of my absolute favorites monster songs "Mostly Ghostly", a fucking drop dead classic that makes me get up out of my seat every time it comes on, just to crank it up. Not all of this album is perfect but the good spots are so good that you don't notice the bad parts,well most of them anyway. Featuring the voice talents of Hanz Conried, who was the voice of Captain Hook in the classic Disney animated Peter Pan movie and also the voice of Snidely Whiplash on The Bullwinkle show. Alice Pearce does the female vocals here and I love the way she sings, its a perfect combination when their together. So many of the these songs are amazing, but I guess the best are "Mostly Ghostly", "The Dracula Trot" and "I'm in Love with the Creature from the Black Lagoon". Also I can't forget this great Jack Davis cover, what a piece of work,just fucking beautiful. A Halloween classic, don't miss out. rally
2.flying saucer
3.close the door
4.the Dracula trot
5.not of this earth
6.(I'm in love with) The Creature from the black lagoon
7.what do you hear from the red planet
8.the thing
9.mostly ghostly
10.the purple people eater
11.the invisible man
12.take us to your president


  1. Mostly Ghostly is one of the great ones indeed. Everytime I hear it, I'm gonna think of you "getting out of your seat!" You make it sound like a Dio concert or something....

  2. Hans Conried was also known as the complete wackjob 'Uncle Tounous' on the 'Make Room For Daddy' a/k/a 'The Danny Thomas Show' back in TV's golden age. I'm 58 this year and JUST became aware of these recordings, but only two tracks before today so was very surprised to see a whole LP. Great!
    This cover art is also noteworthy. I know I know the artistbut can't remember the name. Whomever it was they did a LOT of LP cover back in the 50s and 60s, especially some Homer & Jethro LPs I love.



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