Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here are two classic singles by this unknown powerhouse. I have always kept a special place for these awesome singles. I bought them when they first came out and somehow have been able to hold on to them. These guys remain a mystery to this day,legend has it that these guys were members of SEAWEED,but who the fuck really knows at this point. I remember buying both of these in the early 90's at Cut corner records in Lex,ky. I think I intially got them due to the fact that one of the guys on the cover was wearing an ANTiSEEN shirt. I was certainly impressed when I first gave them a listen and fell hook,line and sinker for the whole concept. I took everything they said seriously at the time even though I knew It had to be a joke. A friend of mine at the time actually sent off for the dog tags and fucker mask that was offered on the inside of the merge single,of course he got fucked and never received his shit,go figure!
1.Block party
2.Goddamn anthem about man
3.Quick cash
4.Coming home (crashing the crackhouse)

This has got to be the best Crime rock band of all time! YAOS motherfuckers!

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