Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Christ what a fucking classic. Formed In 1979 and split after 1984. BLACK DEATH is the SHIT and the best unheard metal band out there. Me and my buddy Stoney have been drooling over this one for sometime. Man What can I say, it just really rips. Damn near a perfect metal record. I first heard of these guys from my friend Mike Rutherfurd years ago. I don't know how he found out about them, but he let me in on them. A mix of classic metal style with punk energy and a killer vocalist. The songs are all solid, well written and well played. The picture on the cover of these guys posing is UN-fucking-believable. I wish there were more all black metal bands like this, sadly there are not. You can find a handful of black punk bands (Bad Brains, Pure hell, Death), but I cant think of any other all black metal band's from this era, if anyone else knows of some, please make me aware. Regardless of all that, if you like metal at all you need this, it is essential listening for sure. My band just covered one of these tracks for a new single, so you know I'm obsessed but trust me here. It kills me that these dudes didn't make it big, I just don't understand it. It all seems so perfect. This is ripe for a re-issue and I have heard that its coming soon, so buy it when it comes out and support this great band who deserve alot more attention. Till then you gotta give this a listen. This has the album plus bonus tracks, so get it now and thank me later dude!
1.Night of the Living Death
2.The Hunger
3.When Tears Run Red (From Love Lost Yesterday)
4.Fear No Evil
5.The Scream of the Iron Messiah
7.Black Death
8.Here comes the wrecking crew
10. Taken by Force
11. Until We Rock
12.Breaking the chains of hell


  1. Was just talking about these guys with friends, but I still hadn't heard it...till now! Thanks!

  2. Totally ROCKIN'! Cool riffs, crackers vocals and killer solo's! Doesn't miss!

  3. I stumbled across these guys by accident some years ago. This album totally blew me away! Tied with Mercyful Fate's "Melissa" for my favorite metal album of all time, I really love it that much. I actually used to talk to Phil Bullard (R.I.P.), the drummer, on the phone and man, he told me some really interesting stuff. Epic Records almost signed them with a big advance and everything, but something happened and the deal fell through. Also, the album the band actually recorded sounded quite a bit different than how it ended up. Phil said that Bill Peter's (Auburn Records) would always tell Sikki when they were alone that he was the real star of the band, etc. and he had Sikki go in and rerecord a bunch of stuff on the album before it came out. Phil said when he first heard the album it was like listening to something totally different than what they had actually recorded. He said they had so many "almost" breaks, that by the time the band dissolved he was so fed up with the music industry that he actually didn't listen to ANY music for over 10 years. When I first started talking to him, he hadn't even heard the album in like 15 years and he no longer had a record player, so I actually made him a CD copy and mailed it to him so he could listen to it again. He was blown away that anyone actually even remembered them, much less that they were a big fan. He still lived in the same house where the band used to practice and he said they had a reel to reel recorder back then and they would record their practices and record new songs as they would write them. He said he had several boxes full of these reel to reel tapes down in his basement (man would I have loved to have gotten my hands on those). He was an all around totally cool dude, I was really saddened when I heard he had passed away last year. I would like to think that me calling him up and talking to him was what resparked his interest in playing as it wasn't too long after we started talking that he was playing in the band Mandrake. So I'm glad he got to do that before he got sick and passed on. Me and King Fowley loved this album so much, we were going to do a Black Death tribute band and open up shows for King's other band October 31 on their tour, but King ended up having a stroke and that cost him his ability to play drums.

    But this album totally fucking rules, everyone that calls him or herself a metal head is totally missing out if they don't get a copy of it. Sikki still pretty much lives on the streets in Cleveland and from what everyone tells me, you still never see him anywhere without his guitar slung over his back. A guy I know from Cleveland said he actually ran into Sikki at a Pizza Hut one night several years ago and said he got Sikki some breadsticks and Sikki sat and played 'em some songs while they were waiting on their food!

    I'm highly doubting Auburn is ever actually going to put out the Black Death double disc reissue. They've had that thing planned for years now and nothing has ever came of it. Be cool if it does, but I'm sure as hell not holding my breath. I wish I could have gotten those reel to reels from Phil and let King pick through the stuff and reissue a double disc set through his Old Metal Records label. He would have gotten that shit done and out instead of jerking around like Auburn keep doing.

    But yeah, I could go on all day about how much I love this band and all the stories Phil told me during our phone conversations! Everyone download this!!!!

  4. Check out Sound Barrier, if you haven' t heard of them already.
    More stories with Phil would be cool.

  5. can you please reupload this? the link is dead :(

  6. Dude.. I have been looking all over for this!! Can you re-upload the link please??



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