Monday, May 3, 2010


Here is another one I ripped recently. I have been going through my singles and found some great kids records I had forgot about. So I've decided to start posting them. Here is the first. Just like most kids my age, I loved these little records, mostly because I loved the toys and the cartoon, but also because I loved stories, it was always awesome when someone told me a bedtime story or a cool scary story that kept me up all night, I wish I could still have that reaction. Anyway He-Man was one of my major childhood obsessions and still is high on my list even today, I was so happy when they finally made it to DVD. Anyway this is great little record that makes me long for the good ol'days, when I still had all my He-Man toys, sitting around a record player with my cousins, jamming He-Man and She-Ra stories and debating who we liked least Orko or Snarf...Enjoy!


  1. He-Man was happenin' after i mostly stopped watching cartoons(for a few years)so i am not terribly familiar with it, my main association with it was this time a few friends and i had to hold some idiot we barely knew(long story why)down on the floor for a couple of hours who was having a really bad acid trip and kept screaming, "CASTLE GRAYSKULL?!? IS THAT ALL THERE IS?!?..." so, i will check this lp out and maybe i can figure out what the fuck his problem was(but i doubt it)...

  2. Dude that is a great story, fantastic, I can only imagine what was going on in his head. I have watched some he man on Acid, and it was pretty scary, anytime he goes for the sword = total freakout!



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