Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here's some totally classic heavy metal with female vocals. I love this chicks voice, totally ballsy and tough. The band and the music are wicked too. Sure to please any fan of classic metal. In a way this reminds me of Witchkiller with female vocals, which is awesome. The lyrics are more like, "Fuck you I'll do what I wanna do" or "Dude heavy metal is a way of life", haha, those are not actual lyrics just the vibe of the album. This is their only full length album, but they do have a single. This is a gem just waiting to be unearthed. Classic Stuff!
1. Wildlife
2. Last Chance
3. Are You There?
4. Dream With Me
5. Coming to Your Town
6. Running from Luck
7. Sea of Thought
8. Children of the Night
9. Screamin' Guitars
10. Beyond the Iron Walls

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  1. where are you man........????? miss this blog dearly



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