Sunday, September 27, 2009


Killer German metal with a cool rock 'n' roll attitude, though you may not have heard of them, they are actually pretty important, they along with ACCEPT and TRANCE, were early progenitors of the classic real metal sound in Germany. Of course I have to mention that this features Barbara Schenker on Keyboards, the sister of Michael and Rudolf Schenker of SCORPIONS. If you love metal, that alone should make you want to hear this. It's not as completely amazing as SCORPIONS or anything, but it's a damn good metal record. It does dip into the "Rock" category quite a bit, but then their are some pretty heavy moments too. The lyrics here are sometimes a little ridiculous, like on the first track "The Bitch" and the vocals are little rough here and there, still it's pretty damn entertaining shit. This is their second album and I would think these fellows would have went over great with the biker set. This is a great but totally retarded cover. I love it. Check it out Dude!

1.The Bitch
2.Little Rock Tonight
3.What Next
4.Break Out
5.What The Hell Is Going On
6.Give It To Me
7.Screaming For Your Love
8.White Snow

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