Monday, September 21, 2009


Geez, what can "I" say about this record that hasn't been said a thousand times before, not much really. Im sure that plenty of you have heard this record before or at least heard of it and already made up your mind about Paul Chain. But for those who don't know, this is one fantastic piece of vinyl. A classic E.P. by ex-DEATH SS guitarist Paul Chain. DEATH SS is one of the first really heavy bands to come out of Italy in the late 70's and at this point are widely considered Doom metal gods. Now their new material may be another story, but the classic shit is nuts! Back on track here, this E.P. is one of the heaviest records, maybe ever. Im not kidding. This is total SABBATH worship at it's finest, but there is alot more going on here too. The whole Atmosphere of gloom and creepiness makes for some awesome and depressing Doom. I was a fan of DEATH SS before I knew about Paul Chain, But I was shorty clued in after getting the early DEATH SS albums and singles. Totally amazing stuff also, if you have heard them please check them out! This guy has put out well over 30 albums over the last twenty some years and believe me not all of them are as good as this one but, Paul is certainly an original and that never goes unoticed here at Goodnight Whatever You Are. Sometimes this record feels a little like WITCHFINDER GENERAL attempting GOBLIN, ha weird right? Well sort of if it wasn't so goddamn heavy. Did I mention he sings in his own made up language, except for the songs titles!!?? If you dig TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM or ST.VITUS you should certainly check this one out.
2.Voyage To Hell
4.17 Day


  1. Yeah, Death SS and Paul Chain are real life changers. Those pics are too much!

  2. this is more than heavy this is unreal

  3. always wanted to check his stuff out , but iám quite clueless where to begin - any suggetions apart from this ?

  4. buddy just burned me some Paul Chain with Wino....Anyways



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