Wednesday, September 9, 2009


First of all, no it's not that SLAYER or S.A. SLAYER, this is an entirely different entity from the UK. Formed around 1980 ,this is the first SLAYER, however after becoming painfully aware of their American counter parts, they quickly changed their name to DRAGONSLAYER and re-released this great single. This is the original version of the single, not that there is any difference in the music, just the name. These dudes seemed to do OK for themselves for a while, securing some great opening spots for HELLOWEEN and ACCEPT, but sadly by 1986 they had laid it down , they did however resurrect the name for an Ebony Records compilation, with a much more radio friendly song called "Rock the radio", which totally sucked BTW. Then they were gone again for good. The first here track is "I want your life", a great mid paced JUDAS PRIEST style slammer, that's good for a little headbanging here and there. Next is the killer "Satan is free", I really like this one, it's rather amateurish and sloppy but theres just something there that I really dig, probally because it's about SATAN! Then we have the ballad-Esq "Broken hearts", this one is OK for a slower tune, a bit of a let down, but very mid 70's sounding. Good but not great. "Satan is free" is the gem here and makes this whole single worthwhile, give it a listen and ...Enjoy!
1.I Want Your Life
2.Satan Is Free
3.Broken Hearts

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  1. This band sent me this 45 back in the 80s when I was doing my fanzine, "EVIL Magazine". It had a sticker covering Slayer with Dragonslayer. LOL



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