Saturday, September 5, 2009


NWOBHM biker rock gods the STARFIGHTERS, were one of only a few great bands like this from the time period. Bar rock with a serious biker edge. Not as metal as alot of their contemporaries but still they pack a punch. If you dig ROSE TATTOO, HEAVEN or even AC/DC you should certainly check this out. All the songs here are pretty good and so is the playing, again the rough vocals make this one for me. I picked this one up on tour at some point and it took me about a year to get around to listening to it. I can only imagine the other shit I played, while I could have been listening to this. A damn good piece of wax and I think this has gotten a reissued recently or maybe it's about to anyway, check this out and buy it if you see it.
1. Alley Cat Scream
2. Devil's Driving
3. Don't Touch Me
4. Eyes Tellin' You
5. Help Me
6. Power Crazy
7. Silver Lady
8. Trigger Happy
9. Night After Night
10. Killing Time


  1. This bands bassist is a mate of mines dad NWOBHM \m/

  2. The bassist in starfighters is our guitarists Dad, Doug Dennis.



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