Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GOBLIN POST NO.2 !!!!!!!!

OK so I promised some more GOBLIN, now here it is. I tried to include a few very important soundtracks and some lesser known gems as well. Of course there is the amazing "Suspiria" and the equally as important and amazing "Deep Red" albums to represent the pinnacle of GOBLIN genius. Now anyone who is already into GOBLIN has already heard these soundtracks, but if you are not familiar with them ,this is a great place to start. Both of these are nothing short of brilliant. Sure I could have added few other major points in GOBLIN career, but then how would I make GOBLIN POST NO.3 happen? The lesser (only in popularity) soundtracks I included here are "Patrick" and "Contamination", great but not as good as the first two I listed, still powerful soundtracks. I have also put up a couple of studio albums that they did, the first "Roller" is totally awesome and up there with GOBLIN'S best material. It was supossed to be a soundtrack but that didnt happen. The next is "Perche Si Uccidono" , this one is actually GOBLIN performing as Iil Reale Impero Britannico with one of my other favorite Italian composer's Mr. Fabio Frizzi. This should have been amazing, but really I found it kind of a let down. I mean this should have been a dream come true for Italian horror music fans, so I will let you decide what you think. GOBLIN fans dig in and enjoy!


  1. you're just fucking unstoppable.....awesome stuff daily......don't quit anytime soon!!!!!!

  2. awesome! how i love goblin - thanks so much

  3. Great post Man, Keep it up!!!

  4. My gods, you posted 'Perche Si Uccidono'!!! I have been searching for this for eons so thank you from the bottom of my black jaded heart for this, it almost makes up for me missing Goblin when they played at the Supersonic festival here in England last year (damned flu!!).

    The two Goblin albums that I am really looking for are 'Amo Non Amo' (I have it in 128 MP3 rip but the quality is pretty bad) and
    the 1979 'Squadra Antigangsters (The Gang That Sold America)' soundtrack (I have this in 160 bit rate but again the quality is not brilliant)....If anyone can help me get higher quality rips then let me know (or wants to hear these two albums) though I worn you the latter album with Asha Puhtli is a little more disco-fied but hell I love a lot of the Simonetti tracks he did after leaving the band in the early eighties so what do I know ;)

    For anyone new to Goblin or is looking for some rare material this is definately the blog to come to...!

  5. Thanks for the great cds
    But,,, is the ost of "contamination" correct?
    If not, what comes this music from?



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