Thursday, September 17, 2009


Another great slice of NWOBHM here, This time around we have the mighty PROWLER. This single really kills man, I know I say that alot about NWOBHM stuff, but this is a really really good one. Not to be confused with the PROWLER that appeared on the "Brute Force" compilation that MCA put out. This is great head banger, anthemic metal! The first track "Forgotten Angel" is just a flat out rocking mid tempo slammer. The drums are very tribal and heavy with crunchy guitars, great vocals and a blazing solo. This is pretty stripped down, straight forward, fist pumping English metal that could compete with most of the bigger bands of the time. The next track is "Don't let go", another rocker with tons of energy and a good chorus. I can also hear some wicked galloping happening on the guitars, great shit. Over all I really love the way this single sounds, rough but in a very good way. the A-side is a little better track, but both are worth your time and effort. Dig in!
1.Forgotten Angels
2.Don't Let Go

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  1. Hadnt been by in awhile, still the best blog going. This is a great record man, good job



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