Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hadn't done a soundtrack post in awhile and I was watching this again the other night, so I thought what the hell and here we are. This is a good soundtrack to an OK movie, Lucio Fulci was originally attached to this but became ill and turned over the reigns to the always handy Italian Shlockmiester Bruno Mattei, you might of seen his gut munching opus "Hell of the Living Dead", now we all know he's never gonna be as good as Fulci and this could never touch ZOMBIE! However I guess there had to be a sequel and this is an entertaining movie to say the least. Fulci did direct at least 30 minutes of this movie and even though it's often credited to him, he flatly disowned it. There are two other sequels in title only, neither is really worth the time. Anyway this soundtrack is top notch GOBLIN copy type shit in the best parts, very cool and alot of it is very heavy and doomy, downer kind of stuff. Kind of reminds me of some of the music in Return of the Living Dead. The ones with the vocals are awful though, total shit, so watch out. It sounds like Lionel Ritchie jamming with RUSH, fuck it's bad and every single track with vocals on here is the same fucking way, just different degree's of pure shit. Other wise though its a great soundtrack, very 80's, very Italian. Got to love those crazy Italians!

I thought the track listing was particularly creative.
1.Zombi 3 (Seq. 1)
3.Zombi 3 (Seq. 2)
4.Tumble Down
5.Zombi 3 (Seq.3)
6.The Sound Of Fear
7.Zombi 3 (Seq. 4)
8.Tumble Down (Instr.)
9.Zombie 3 (Seq. 5)
10.Slow Think
11.Zombi 3 (Seq. 6)
12.The Sound Of Fear (Instr.)
13.Zombi 3 (Seq. 7)
14.Slow Think (Instr.)
15.Zombi 3 (Seq. 8)


  1. Adam the rock songs on this are so bad

  2. Thank you for this! I love the soundtrack!



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